Comfort and services on the bus

Which features are offered on the bus?

CheckMyBus Support ComfortAre you looking for more information about the comfort and services available on the bus? Do you want to know if WiFi or electrical outlets are available to use? With CheckMyBus you’ll learn all about the amenities available on the Bus – from the air-conditioning to restrooms, to leg-room and accessibility.
Is there a Media Center available? Are snacks and drinks available to purchase and is a seat- reservation possible?
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Comfort and Service on Board Intercity Buses

When motorcoaches started to serve intercity connections in the US several decades ago, it was basically just an inexpensive way of traveling from A to B. Nowadays, however, it is not only a cheap travel option but also a highly convenient and comfortable one. The days of boredom on long bus trips are over as free WiFi and a vast amount of power outlets provide for non-stop entertainment on board of buses.

What Ameneties Can I Expect On the Bus?

Being inside a bus is not really different from being inside a plane. The vehicles are no longer old and rusty but are mostly equipped with comfortable seats and enough leg space. The bus company Greyhound Bus, for instance, offers reclining leather seats on their new fleet. Old vehicles, which are still in use, have been updated: A whole row of seats was taken out so that passengers can enjoy more space and thus a heightened level of comfort.

Comfort and services on the coachIf you like a good view while riding the bus or you’re simply very picky when it comes to choosing the perfect seat, then taking a megabus US is a good option. The bus company allows you to reserve the seat of your choice on many connections. So if you want to sit at the very front of a double decker bus, then an additional $5 per ticket is charged. If you’re a family of four and enjoy playing card games or doing jigsaw puzzles, then you can opt for four seats around a table. This only costs $1 per ticket extra.

What Entertainment Options are Available on Board?

Numerous bus companies in the US offer entertainment options and facilities on board of their vehicles. Greyhound, FlixBus and megabus US, for instance, provide free WiFi on their bus journeys so that passengers can browse the internet or upload travel selfies on Facebook and Instagram. Greyhound boasts itself of power outlets on nearly every single seat. On selected buses on Jefferson Lines, customers can even make use of a DVD player or an XM radio in addition to the free WiFi. Boredom is a thing of the past thanks to these entertainment options!

What Additional Services and Facilities are Available?

A bus is no longer just a bus. There’s numerous additional services that customers can make use of. If you travel via Greyhound or megabus, you can use a parking service called Parking Panda so that there’s a reserved parking space waiting for you close to the bus stop. If you want to reach your destination as quickly as possible, then the Greyhound Express is the right option: On selected routes the bus company offers non-stop or few-stop bus routes reducing the duration of your journey considerably. But buses are not only useful for people who want to travel: Some of the bus companies also offer parcel services allowing you to ship larger packages for little money. One of the most well-known ones is certainly the Greyhound Package Express service. But Jefferson Lines, for instance, also allows you to send packages. If you want to send a 50lbs. package via next-day delivery from Minneapolis, MN to Billings, MT it will only cost you $68, which is much cheaper than shipping something via plane. Sometimes you can also benefit from a discount if you are on the same bus as your parcel. That way, taking oversized or overweight luggage is no problem at all!

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  1. If I have to travel in a motorized wheelchair, will a Greyhound bus be able to accomodate me? I am able to transfer out of my chair onto a seat once I get onto the bus. Thank you for your help with this.

    1. Dear Margaret,

      Thank you for your message. According to the website of Greyhound, they provide assistance for people with wheelchairs and motorized wheelchairs. The suggest seek assistance at the station or the bus when you are going to take the bus. As we are only an online comparator for bus routes in the US, we don’t have all information about these matters with Greyhound. For that reason, we also recommend you to contact them directly and confirm that you would be able to travel with them without any issues.

      We hope you have a great trip.
      Kind regards,
      Your CheckMyBus Support Team

    1. Dear Gurer,

      Thank you for your message. Most intercity coaches operating between Berlin and Prague, such as FlixBus, are fully equipped with a WC. When booking your trip, we suggest checking the individual bus company to make sure a toilet is provided before booking your trip. If you have any further questions, please feel free to get in touch with us again.

      Best regards,
      Your CheckMyBus Support

  2. Im on the Megabus from Las Vegas NV to Riverside CA. 954 pm on Aug second 2019 we departed at 830 pm. I don’t know how many of you know how hot it is in Vegas this time of year but let me tell you it’s hotter than fire and fish grease. The whole side of the bus lower section where I’m sitting is out power wise. We asked the driver about this and he just told me to sit back down that the air is on. Umm excuse me Mr bus driver, but do you see me literally dripping sweat from my head, face, chest, down my back. And you want to tell me to sit down it’s on?

  3. I’m trying to find out if I can bring my 13 pound shitzu an ESA Service Doggie thAt is excellent & trained from Hartford, Ct. to Providence, RI on the bus with me? She goes everywhere with me. Thank you!

    1. Dear Nancy,

      Thank you for your message. Unfortunately, pets are not allowed on most bus companies which service this route, such as Peter Pan and Greyhound. However, if your dog is an ESA service dog and is acting as such you should be able to bring him provided you have the paperwork. We suggest contacting the company you’re planning on travelling with to see what is allowed.

      Best regards,
      Your CheckMyBus Support

  4. Hi ! I’m trying to make reservations for 2 pax to travel by intercity bus from Bucharest to Tulcea on the 4th August 2019 . Could you advice us on the following .
    1.Where is the bus station in Bucharest city
    2.Which bus company allow the a medium size (not more than 50 lbs a pax ) to be stored below the passenger cabin and a small bag above the passenger seat
    3 Which bus leaves around 9 am and What length of time does it take for the most direct route to Tulcea ?
    4 which bus is most comfortable with wifi ?
    5 how much do the tickets cost ?
    6 . How do I make reservation and payment ?
    7 we are seniors from Australia and wonder if there are senior discounts for us .
    Would appreciate any help you can give
    Thank you

    1. Hello,

      Thank you for your message. Unfortunately, we don’t currently offer this connection in our system. We’re always working to expand our bus content and hope that you can find everything you’re looking for next time. We’ll try to help answer some of your questions below.

      1. The main station in Bucharest is located at Șoseaua Orhideelor 49, București, Romania, however there are a few throughout the city, so when booking your trip it’s important to see which station is on your ticket, so you know where to go.
      2. Many bus companies, such as FlixBus and Eurolines do allow for excess baggage for an extra fee and usually require you to contact the company prior to your travel to make sure that they can accommodate it.
      3. This connection is primarily offered through a company called Augustina which does offer connections at 9:00 AM and it takes about 4 hours and 30 minutes to travel between the two cities and is offered every four hours.
      4. Most bus providers, like Eurolines and FlixBus offer free wi-fi as it’s become more commonplace on buses across Europe.
      5. Tickets for this route cost between 12 and 14 USD
      6. Unfortunately, since this company isn’t one of our partners, you must make the booking and payment directly on the company’s website.
      7. You should contact the company directly to know whether or not you can receive a senior discount.

      For more specific information about this route, we suggest contacting Augustina at 0743-334.840.

      Best regards,
      Your CheckMyBus Support

  5. The bus driver B400 from Durban to Jhb his very rude and inconsiderate of the passengers. His been asked more than 7 times to switch off the air-cons cos we feeling cold. From Durban station, we just passed Montrose but hai his really refusing.

    Worse part, I’ve recommended this bus due to my previous experience to my friends. Manje we all freezing mxm. Only if there was – 0 rating, I would definitely give u that.

  6. Planning on bus transport from MSP airport to abbottsford, wi. Is the bus station at the airport at or near the MSP terminals? Would I have to walk outside in the cold to get to the station? And also at abbottsford I’m assuming there is a station house? Coming from Hawaii so cold weather wear is a concern.

    1. Dear Kaz,

      Thank you for your message. You should be able to wait inside near the bus terminal, but we suggest bringing warm clothes in case you need to go outside a bit early to find your bus! The Bus stop in Abbottsford, Wisconsin should be near a Shell gas station. If you have any further questions, please feel free to get in touch with us again.

      Best regards,
      Your CheckMyBus Support

  7. We are arriving at terminal 3 the southampton bus leaves from terminal 5. is there a shuttle to tale us between our arrival point and the bus stop?

    1. Dear Kerry,

      Thank you for your message. There are free shuttle trains that run between Heathrow Central station, terminals 2 and 3 and Terminal 5. These run free of charge. If you have any further questions, please feel free to get in touch with us again.

      Best regards,
      Your CheckMyBus Support

  8. Will be traveling from Shannon Airport to Galway city and then will connect with another bus going to Ballina, County Mayo. There will be a layover of about two hours. Are there restaurants in the terminal? Also, since we are an elderly couple, is there porter service available to carry our luggage?

    1. Dear Margaret,

      Thank you for your message. There are a variety of restaurants, like the Jungle café which are near the Seán Duggan Centre as well as coffee shops, like Starbuck there as well. It’s well situated near the Eyre Square and shopping center which has a variety of offerings. Unfortunately, we’re not sure if the station providers a porter service and we suggest contacting the Seán Duggan Centre directly to find out for sure or see what options are available.

      Best regards,
      Your CheckMyBus Support

    1. Hi Julio,

      Thank you for your message. Different bus companies have different policies regarding food, drinks and alcohol on board. To see what you can or can’t bring on the bus, we suggest contacting the bus provider you plan to travel with directly.

      Best regards,
      Your CheckMyBus Support

    1. Dear Pamela,

      Thank you for your message. While service dogs are generally allowed on most bus services in the passenger section of the bus, different bus company’s may have different requirements about rules and regulations. For instance, on megabus assistance dogs must wear a harness or identification jacket while travelling and of course require their certification. To know which requirements you must fulfill, we suggest directly contacting the bus company you plan to travel with.

      Best regards,
      Your CheckMyBus Support

    1. Dear Melissa,

      Thank you for your message. The chief provider for this route, Pamukkale Turizm, does offer comfort stops for longer distance trips and also generally has bathrooms on its buses. If you have any further questions, please feel free to get in touch with us again.

      Best regards,
      Your CheckMyBus Support

  9. I am trying to find quickest ride with most comfort features (restroom, WiFi, reclining seats) for 2 routes:
    München to Prague May 12
    Prague to Vienna May 14
    Which bus lines would you suggest?

    1. Dear Karen,

      Thank you for your message. For both routes, the bus connections which offer the most comfort features are FlixBus,, and Leo Express. All of these companies provide restrooms, WiFi on board, electric sockets for devices, air-conditioning and extra legroom for passengers. If you have any further questions, please feel free to get in touch with us again.

      Best regards,
      Your CheckMyBus Support

    1. Dear Renata,

      Thanks for your inquiry.

      CheckMyBus is a search engine for bus trips comparing different bus operators. With which operator do you want to travel? In the US, most bus companies do not offer snacks and drinks for sale on their journeys, however, you are always free to take your own snacks and drinks (non-alkoholic) with you. Should you require more information regarding on-board service, we suggest you check out our search engine. Simply type in the destinations and dates you’d like to travel and click the deal that suits you best from the search results list. Then a list with on-board amenities will be shown to you. If you click “view deal” you will be redirected to our partners website to finish the online booking.

      Should you require any further help, please feel free to contact us again.

      Best regards,
      Your CheckMyBus Support

  10. we are considering bus from Bruges to London…does the bus have toilet facilities and/or does it make comfort stops?

    1. Dear Merna,

      The ride from Bruges to London is operated by FlixBus. All of the company’s vehicles are equipped with toilet facilities. However, usually there are no longer breaks expect for the ones at the schedules bus stops.

      Best regards,
      Your CheckMyBus Support

  11. We are going to book the bus 9:00 departure of Poznan (Poland) to go to October 20.
    Please tell me the first train of the address of the bus.
    Best regards.

    1. Dear Fumio Asano,

      Please, note that CheckMyBus is a search engine which offers a price comparison service and we therefore have no access to any specific bookings.

      We are always happy to help customers who have used our service, however. If you let us know arrival times and station, we could try and find out which train stations are nearby.

      Best regards,
      Your CheckMyBus Support

    1. Dear Lusita,

      unfortunately there are no sleeper buses in operation between Zurich and Prague.

      Best regards,
      Your CheckMyBus-Support

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