The Transoceánica is the World’s Longest Bus Route


Taking the bus in the US is generally highly convenient as bus companies such as Greyhound and megabus do their best to create a high level of comfort. Free Wi-Fi on board makes the time pass quickly and additional features, such as the bus-tracker, allow travelers to always be aware of any delays so that the person picking them up at the bus stop does not have to wait for a long time. In Latin America it’s slightly different though, especially if you travel on the Transoceánica. The connection opened in 2016 and is now the world’s longest bus route. The 3,850-mile connection links the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans and allows passengers to travel directly from Rio de Janeiro all the way to the Peruvian capital Lima. The estimated duration of the journey is 102 hours, which equals more than four days.

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Experience South America

Rio de Janeiro

Up to now, the bus route operated by the company Ormeño used to stop in São Paulo. However, since customers seemed in favour of a true transatlantic connection, the bus company met their wishes and extended the existing connection all the way to Rio. The Transoceánica not only links two oceans, but also two of the most important sights in South America. These include the Cristo in Rio and Machu Picchu in Cusco close to Lima. Four drivers conducted the very first journey, but in the future only two drivers will drive. One of them has the possibility to retire to a sleeping cabin when not behind the steering wheel. All in all, the bus is equipped with 44 seats and 12 sleeping seats. As of now, there are two short stops per day.

Sights to see along the way:

Latin America is proud of the new Transoceánica, even though there are already some problems evident. Initially, the new bus route was supposed to create numerous new jobs but extreme weather damaged the new road. Nevertheless, travelers are happy about the new travel option. Train connections don’t cover the route and the bus is cheaper than the car or plane is. After all, the four-day journey from Peru to Brazil costs only about $200.

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  • Kim Jones

    Such an eye-opening post about the world’s longest bus route, TransOceânica! 🌍🚌 The writer’s detailed exploration of this remarkable journey is truly fascinating. Kudos for sharing this incredible travel feat. Can’t wait to read more about extraordinary adventures.

  • Glen Atkinson

    Back in 1996 when I first visited South America, there was no direct route. I went to Cusco from Rio de Janeiro via Montevideo, Buenos Aires, Mendoza ,Santiago, Valparaiso then up to Arica then to Cusco. It was fun but had moments of misery. I was back in Brasil last year but stayed in Rio for three weeks. The Transoceanico would have been handy. My friend Tim did an overland bus trip across Asia and Europe to London from Australia when he was a young boy. Given the poorer roads and older buses, that would have been quite a trip in 1974!

  • Imran Qadir

    Very good, this bus service is fulfiling the travel needs of the people. i suggest bus service start in Asia from Karachi or Bangkok or Kaulalampur to London, Paris and Frankfurt and in this way another bus service start from Morocco to Madrid, Venice and Vienna

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