Safety measures for post-coronavirus travel


Bus stations and airports around the world are resuming operations within the new reality of the pandemic. Among the new safety measures for post-coronavirus travel (COVID-19) adopted, the most common ones are an added emphasis on cleaning, including the use of gel alcohol. This is especially true for major touch points like handrails, elevator buttons and seats. In addition, audible warnings about symptoms and guidance from trained professionals are already part of the routine. See also, other highlights below:

Safety measures for post-coronavirus travel

Travel protection

Bus companies and airlines prepare their security protocols. In this case, as the coronavirus (COVID-19) first arrived in Asia and Europe, the USA has the advantage of learning from the experiences and preventive measures that have been taken in these continents.

Emirates, for example, reported that flight attendants must wear gloves, masks, goggles and a raincoat when flying. American Airlines has also adopted facial coverings as a new part of the uniform as well as gloves to protect passengers, flight attendants and airplane pilots.

Aviointeriors is a company that produces cabin interiors and aircraft passenger seats. The company has also developed two new seating concepts specifically for protecting and detaching passengers.

Avioninteriors Design

In Italy, bus companies resumed national travel at the beginning of May. Among them, Marino adopted strict sanitary measures measures to protect and provide security to its passengers. Policies like this are being adapted in the USA with companies like Greyhound taking great pains to clean their buses.

National Companies

National companies have been working on the rapid implementation of security measures that adapt to the new reality. For example, Greyhound has already bolstered its sanitation efforts by more frequently disinfecting surfaces and making hand sanitizers more readily available. Furthermore, Greyhound requires passengers and staff to wear masks and promotes social distancing. Other major operators, such as megabus and Jefferson Lines are also increasing the frequency of cleanings and issuing stricter hygienic regimes.

Bus with Curtain Seperators

What about you, what are your safety suggestions for post-coronavirus travel (COVID-19)?

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Remember to travel only if necessary and always wear a mask!

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