Replacement plan for Port Authority of New York is underway

Replacement-Plan-For-Port-AuthorityAs one of the world’s largest and busiest bus terminals, the Manhattan-based Port Authority welcomes approximately 230,000 passengers on a daily basis, offering more than 40 bus routes and 2 million bus journeys along with many other airport shuttle and MTA services per year. It is considered one of the most important bus stations in the US not only by the local New Yorkers but also by numerous major bus companies like Greyhound Bus, megabus and Trailways.

In spite of the significant role it plays in the American bus market, the 65-year-old terminal has been criticized by the public for getting too outmoded due to the fast growing bus industry. Therefore, a multi-billion dollar replacement plan, which might take up to 11 to 15 years to realize, has been approved in late October this year, involving an international design contest for the entire new look of the bus station. The decision will be made by September 2016.

According to Chairman John Degnan of Port Authority, although not satisfied about the duration of the project, he insisted the make-over is a tremendous improvement, which is “desperately needed” for the explosive growth of bus flow. “This is a giant step forward for one of the most important transportation projects in the country, and certainly in our region,” confirms Commissioner Ken Lipper.

The future New York bus terminal is believed to be constructed one block away from the current one between the 9th and 10th avenues. Regarding the funding, the board members intend to sell off the land of the existing station as well as its related real estate properties. This plan is supposed to cover almost 70% of the cost.

While some concerns have been raised about the traffic jam a bigger bus station could cause in the future, the officials of Port Authority are paying close attention to this matter. Consulting agencies are hired to analyze the future ridership in and out of the new bus terminal and its integration with other transport projects.

It is hoped that replacing the old Port Authority will finally allow millions of bus travelers to see light at the end of the tunnel. Despite the issues and challenges the bus terminal is facing at the moment, its authority still remains as solid in the US bus industry as its name.

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    The plan approved Thursday also would hire a consultant to look at ridership projections and consider how the new terminal would fit in with other transit projects.

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