Ghosts, Vampires and Voodoo: A Haunted Halloween in New Orleans

ghost house

Haunted tours, voodoo shops, historic cemeteries and vampire legends, the Crescent City is often considered “The Most Haunted City in America.” New Orleans embraces this title and goes all out in celebrating Halloween each year. Aside from tons of ghost tours through the city’s most historicneighborhoods, New Orleans has a unique flair of its own during the Halloween season.

Costume shops all over the city offer such large selections, that you’ll have a tough time choosing what to wear or even where to go as there are costume parties hosted all throughout the city. Whether you’re traveling with little ones or are looking for more adult scares, New Orleans is one of the best places in the country to spend the holiday.

Choose the Right Tour for Halloween

One of the best ways to delve deep into the haunted culture of New Orleans is to go on a guided tour through the city’s cemeteries and historic districts. There are many tours to choose from, including strolls through haunted cemeteries, exploring the history of voodoo and ghost and vampire legend tours.

Enjoy a Spooky Night Out

Not many other cities have shops dedicated specifically to catering vampires, so you can be sure that New Orleans takes its Halloween celebrations pretty seriously. Costumes are not only allowed but are strongly encouraged in bars, shops and restaurants throughout the city with parties and events taking place well into the next day. Who said the fun has to stop at midnight?


Travel to New Orleans

New Orleans is well connected by many intercity bus networks and can be easily reached from a number of cities throughout the United States. Bus companies, such as megabus and Greyhound offer regular connections to and from the Crescent City, so you can check out The Moust Haunted City” from just about anywhere in the country!

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