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megabus deals

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The American company megabus serves an important amount of routes across the USA. megabus became one of the first big players to offer “megadeals” starting from $1.00. megabus tickets often offer some of the most competitive prices around.

But how can you actually get a hold of one of megabus’ $1.00 bus tickets?

Book megabus tickets in advance

megabus’ cheap tickets are available starting from two weeks before your departure date. But you’re better off checking three to four weeks in advance.

If you are flexible you can check specific bus routes on CheckMyBus as we always show the best deals within the next couple of weeks. That way you’ll always see the cheapest tickets first; and there are hardly ever cheaper tickets than $1.00.

megabus tickets

While megabus might not have traditional discounts featured by many competitors, its base prices are often so cheap that it more than makes up for it. After all, it can be hard to beat a $1.00 ticket fare. There are also often many seasonal discounts and vouchers available throughout the year! With that said, children and adults of all ages will need to purchase the same tickets when boarding.

Check popular bus routes in the USA

To stay competitive, megabus tends to offer its famously cheap prices on its major routes. It’s always worth checking if megabus offers the bus route you’d like to travel to look for cheap deals! Below are some of our most popular bus routes!

Even if there are no $1.00 tickets available, megabus also offers tickets from $5.00. With CheckMyBus, you can compare the cheapest bus tickets across all bus routes to find the best deal for you.

Found a new megabus promo code?

Tell us about the latest megabus deals and share them with other travelers! You can find promo codes featured in a variety of places, from the megabus social media channels to coupon sites. Keep your eyes peeled for vouchers and discount codes, and let CheckMyBus help you find the best ticket fares for your favorite routes!

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