• The Ivy League College Run: Visit Some of America’s Best Universities

    College application due dates are coming up and semesters are currently in session, making it the perfect time to tour some universities. The Ivy League colleges are known around the world as the most prestigious educational institutions in the country with some of the brightest students from all over the world applying to get in. Located in the Northeast, these universities are all easily accessible from each other by bus, and are located in historic communities, as most of these institutions date back to colonial times. For this reason, many of these universities are located near other well-known colleges which you can also visit during your trip! Download the CheckMyBus…

  • Tour One of America’s Most Prestigious Universities

    Every year, thousands of people from across the country, and around the world apply to get accepted to Harvard University. And it’s no surprise why with the university’s high rankings, an abundance of well-funded programs and a history of academic excellence

  • Hidden Gem: St. Augustine, Florida

    Founded by Spanish settlers in 1565, St. Augustine is the oldest European settlement in the United States that was continuously occupied. The city of St. Augustine is full of historic charm, beautiful buildings and benefits from a nice warm Florida climate. While the peak tourist season may have passed, St. Augustine’s September easy season still boasts warm temperatures and less crowded beaches, so you can enjoy more space. As an added benefit, many local attractions and hotels are offering seasonal rates for September as well as lower prices in general. While it may not be as big as Miami or Orlando, St. Augustine has enough charm to warrant a visit…

  • Best Bus Connection of July: Philadelphia and Washington D.C.

    July is almost here, which means that Independence Day is right around the corner. Family dinners and beautiful firework displays instantly come to mind when thinking of the fourth of July, but why not mark the occasion with a bus trip to two of the country’s most historically significant cities? From Philadelphia, where the

  • Best Bus Connection of June: Portland to Seattle

    The Pacific Northwest offers some of the most unique and beautiful landscape in the country. Lush green mountains, high waterfalls, and a dramatic coastline dotted with charming lighthouses. June’s connection of the month is between Portland and Seattle. Portland offers a massive selection of outdoor sightings from the

  • Best Bus Connection of May: Louisville to Nashville

    Easily one of the most famous racing events in the world, the Kentucky Derby has been a constant staple in American Culture since 1875, even running through both World Wars. Since it’s that time of year again, of course Louisville, Kentucky is a must-see destination for the month of May, and while there, why not visit

  • Best Bus Connection of April: Greenville to Atlanta

    Spring is officially here, which means warmer weather and finally being able to enjoy the outdoors again. Cities throughout the southern United States are the first to make the most of the sunny weather, and the cities of Greenville, South Carolina and Atlanta, Georgia have no shortage of festivals, cultural events

  • Best Bus Connection of March: Chicago to Cleveland

    Spring is finally around the corner, and as it slowly starts to get warmer outside, planning a long trip can seem like the perfect way to shake off those winter blues, especially with St. Patrick’s Day coming up. Cities all over the country host massive parades, pub parties, live music as well as incorporating unique

  • Best Bus Connection of February: Charleston to Savannah

    With Valentine’s Day coming up, there are plenty of wonderful destinations across the United States to choose from for a romantic vacation. Whether you’re looking for a bustling tour through Time Square or a glamorous stroll through the Hollywood Block of Fame, there are boundless opportunities for an

  • Best Bus Connection of January: Miami to Orlando

    By the time January rolls around, it’s normal for people to feel the post-holiday blues, and the cold and dreary weather does little to help. Escaping to a warm and sunny location is often the perfect boost to make it through the rest of the cold season, and keep those spirits up. That’s why this month’s CheckMyBus connection is