• FlixBus and the Luxury Liners of the US Bus Market

    After FlixBus launched its first US routes in May 2018, media coverage in the United States was strong. The American press was optimistic about FlixBus bringing “European travel comfort” across the Atlantic. There, the bus is still regarded as a cheaper and often less than ideal mode of transportation, where passengers have to make

  • Travel at the Speed of Sleep with Bus Hotels

    With nearly 400 miles between Los Angeles and San Francisco, traveling between these two famous California cities can be quite a hassle. Whether you’re a tourist with a limited amount of time, or are a working professional who regularly does business in both cities, finding an easier and more efficient way to make this journey would

  • The Rise of Luxury Bus Lines

    In the 21st century the debate on which mode of transportation is the most modern and most convenient is up for grabs. Regular bus operators, such as Greyhound, Peter Pan, and Megabus already have on-board features airplane passengers would dream of having – the almighty WiFi chief among them. From extra legroom to power plugs, bus operators are aggressively trying to gain back the market they lost. But there is more.

  • Say Hello to the Sleepbus!

    A usual bus ride from San Francisco to L.A. will set you back 8 hours. In order to recover from a hard day at work your body needs… you guessed it: 8 hours. Voilà! A Bay Area entrepreneur did the math and came up with the most efficient bus ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles: Sleepbus.