• FlixBus USA Offers New Routes in Northern California and Reno

    After its first month in the United States, German bus operator FlixBus is already making ground on the market. The company has added over 200 more routes throughout the Southwest this month, connecting cities in northern California, like San Francisco and Sacramento as well as Reno, Nevada. FlixBus has also added more

  • Los autobuses de FlixBus a la conquista de las carreteras de Estados Unidos

    FlixBus, uno de los principales operadores europeos de autobuses, finalmente pone en marcha sus primeras rutas en Estados Unidos. Estas conexiones están concentradas en la región suroeste del país, en Nevada, Arizona y el Sur de California. Los primeros boletos salieron a la venta el pasado 15 de mayo

  • FlixBus Hits the Road in the USA This Month

    This month, one of Europe’s leading bus providers, FlixBus, has finally opened its first routes in the United States. These connections are based in the southwest region of the country in Nevada, Arizona and southern California. The first tickets were on sale May 15,

  • FlixBus Will Test the First Electric Bus for Long-Distance Connections

    Around the world, scores of city bus fleets have been implementing electric buses to help reduce their carbon footprint. For now, these have been limited to local bus lines, however this year, FlixBus has announced its plan to be the first company in the world to test long-distance electric buses. This move could have

  • FlixBus Prepares for the American Market and Expands Services

    As FlixBus celebrates its fifth anniversary, the company has enjoyed over 100 million passengers, spanning multiple demographics across Europe. With 250,000 daily connections to 1,400 destinations in 26 countries, FlixBus has experienced enormous success as the market leader of continental Europe, and is looking to

  • US Buses are One of the Best Deals in Travel

    When taking a trip to South America, many tourists think not only of the warm climate, vibrant cultures and delicious foods, but also of the cheap travel fares. However, in terms of bus tickets, the United States offers considerably cheaper prices by a large margin. According to a study by CheckMyBus, bus tickets in the

  • Megabus Comes to the Rescue after American Airlines Scheduling Mishap

    The holiday season can be a very stressful time, with organizing family gatherings and rushing to get shopping done in time. Needless to say, traveling can be especially stressful during this time with the high density of people trying to be home for Christmas. Unfortunately, due to a glitch in the

  • Peter Pan and Greyhound Bolster Services After Splitting Up

    Last month, Peter Pan ended its 19-year partnership with Greyhound to operate independently again. Peter Pan’s decision to break away was mostly grounded in the belief the operator could better provide optimal service with its own autonomy. Since the separation, both companies have prepared for competition with one another, hiringmore staff and investing in more routes throughout the Northeast corridor. Consequently, passengers can look forward to added benefits from both providers, such as paperless boarding, a larger selection of routes, increased frequency for existing routes, and competitive fares. Peter Pan Blazes Ahead Peter Pan’s CEO, Peter Picknelly has expressed the bus operator’s commitment to the Northeast corridor, its routes, and…

  • Fuel Prices and the Future of Intercity Buses in the United States

    Times have been challenging for the intercity bus market in the United States. Between lower fuel prices tempting more potential passengers to drive their cars, and cheaper rates from airplanes, many bus providers have lost revenue over the past year. During the first half of 2017, intercity bus traffic is estimated to have