• Daimler Invests $153 Million in Electric Bus Manufacturer, Proterra

    Electric Bus manufacturer Proterra has recently received an investment of $155 million from the German automotive corporation, Daimler. Daimler is the largest commercial vehicle manufacturer in the world, and the two companies plan to collaborate to convert a variety of heavy-duty vehicles to sustainable

  • Wireless Charging Electric Buses

    Bus companies around the world are including electric vehicles in their fleets, with the help of manufacturers, such as Hyundai, Daimler, BYD and Proterra. Although the capability of wirelessly charging batteries is a heavily investigated topic, its implementation on a large scale has not yet taken place. The American company

  • Cigarette Butts, the Fuel of the Future?

    It is estimated that over a billion cigarettes are smoked each year throughout the world. Although the terrible consequences for one’s health is generally well known at this point, there is still roughly 800 thousand tons of cigarette butts being generated. These cigarette butts are non-degradable waste that can

  • FlixBus Will Test the First Electric Bus for Long-Distance Connections

    Around the world, scores of city bus fleets have been implementing electric buses to help reduce their carbon footprint. For now, these have been limited to local bus lines, however this year, FlixBus has announced its plan to be the first company in the world to test long-distance electric buses. This move could have

  • National Parks Promote Eco-Tourism with Electric Buses

    In response to increased yearly traffic, Yosemite National Park has recently decided to incorporate two electric buses into its fleet. The buses, produced by Proterra Catalyst, are battery electric and produce zero emissions in contrast to Yosemite’s current fleet of diesel-electric hybrid shuttles. The new electric buses could have the potential to

  • The Benefits of Ecological Tourism

    Being mindful of the environment is just as important when traveling as it is in our day-to-day lives back home. The tourism sector has an environmental, cultural and economic impact that can be felt around the world. The goal of ecological tourism is to minimize the negative effects traveling can have

  • Hydrogen buses to debut at Tokyo 2020

    Toyota decided to bet on hydrogen as an alternative fuel some years ago. As the next big step in its strategy, the Japanese company will introduce a fleet of 100 fuel cell transportation vehicles in time for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The new buses, which are expected to become part of the City, were already launched earlier this year, with the aim of acclimatizing Tokyoites to their use.

  • The World’s Weird and Wonderful Buses

    Intercity buses have long had a dubitable reputation among the American public. Quite unfairly, we might add, as they have become one of the most efficient modes of transportation in the 21st century. Still, when most Americans think about buses, school trips or overcrowded public transportation might be the first thing that jumps to mind. If you look at the rest of the world, however, it’s a whole different story.