• The CheckMyBus Fourth of July Celebrations Epicness Rank

    It’s that time of the year when we get to do what we do best: celebrate our nation’s independence. If you’re still on the fence about where to see the fireworks this year or if you’re looking to renew your patriotism, look no further. We have put together the ultimate list of cities where to celebrate this year’s Independence Day.

  • The CheckMyBus Guide to the Copa America Centenario USA 2016

    There is absolutely no doubt that the Copa America USA 2016 will be a historic event. The first Copa America was celebrated 100 years ago and it is one of the oldest sports competitions from the modern era and the world’s oldest continental soccer competition. It will also be the first time the tournament will be hosted outside South America with America having the honor to celebrate the Copa’s 100th anniversary (No pressure, Team USA).

  • Say Hello to the Sleepbus!

    A usual bus ride from San Francisco to L.A. will set you back 8 hours. In order to recover from a hard day at work your body needs… you guessed it: 8 hours. Voilà! A Bay Area entrepreneur did the math and came up with the most efficient bus ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles: Sleepbus.

  • You Say “Tomato”, I say “Tomato” – The Great English Bus Tour

    The Invictus Games aren’t about triumphalism or patriotism but about union, courage and resilience. Still, Team USA handed a crushing defeat to its British counterpart during the basketball tournament finale to take the gold medal home… again *cough, cough, we told you so, Prince Harry*. The Invictus seek to strengthen the bonds that make our nations great and that’s why, instead of making us revel in sweet victory, the latest edition of the games founded by Prince Harry has brought us even closer to our neighbo(u?)rs across the pond.

  • Add Brazil to your bucket list!

    The world’s largest rainforest, an annual world-famous carnival, the 2014 World Cup and this year’s Olympic Games… If you haven’t yet added Brazil to your bucket list, now is the time!

  • Happy Earth Day and Happy Birthday, megabus!

    megabus is celebrating its 10th anniversary of eco-friendly travel in the U.S. The bus operator, which now provides an eco-friendly travel alternative to over 50 million customers and connects more than 120 major cities and hubs, was launched during Earth Month on April 10, 2006.