How to travel with pets by bus

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Do you have to travel, but don’t want to leave your pet at home alone? No problem, in some cases it is possible to travel with pets by bus!

Travel with pets by bus: rules and conditions

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Transport conditions for animals vary from company to company. For safety reasons and general transport regulations, some bus services – especially international ones – do not allow the transport of four-legged friends. However, some make an exception for guide dogs and for assistance to the disabled. In this case they often travel free of charge with their owner (of course this may vary from one company to another).
On domestic journeys, the rules are slightly more pet-friendly.
However, some bus companies accept small animals because they take up less space and do not obstruct the exit and security areas.

Contact the bus company before traveling

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We advise you to check the pet transport conditions of the company you wish to travel with to see if you can take your pet with you and to clarify any doubts.
Some companies have a limit on the number of animals transported or an obligation for the animal to occupy a seat next to its owner. Some others require the owner to buy the bus ticket for the animal. Other companies, on the other hand, do not have this rule and allow the animal to sit on the owner’s lap (in the carrier).

Which bus companies accept pets on board?

Using our search engine, you can check whether the bus company allows the transport of pets. In addition, we will inform you whether the transport will be subject to additional charges or not. Here is a small list with further information on the companies.


Only assistance dogs are allowed by Greyhound.


Also Megabus allows only trained assistance dogs.

Peter Pan Buses

Peter Pan Bus Lines allows to travel with small dogs and cats in carriers. The combined weight of the pet and carrier can’t be more than 25 pounds, and the carrier must remain closed in the seat in front of you for the entire ride.

Our tips for travelling with pets
A smooth journey starts with good planning! For this reason, we would like to share with you some tips to have a nice and peaceful trip with your pet.

🐶Carry a pet carrier to transport your pet comfortably; the carrier is available in different sizes, shapes, colours and materials. To accustom the animal, it is important to introduce the carrier into its daily life before the trip. Therefore, take a few walks with the animal in the carrier and leave it for a while so that it gets used to it. This way, the animal will become familiar with the crate on the journey.

🐾Play a little to tire your pet out before the trip will help it sleep during the journey.

🐱Take advantage of stops to let him do his business, give him water and stretch his paws.

🐾Take his passport and an up-to-date vaccine list with you;

We wish you a happy journey with your pet! 🐶🐱

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