• CheckMyCon March 2019: Conventions and Expos throughout Florida

    This March, there is no shortage of comic conventions and expositions to choose from in Florida. Events will be hosted in cities throughout the sunshine state from West Palm Beach to Miami, Orlando and Tampa. Various events will feature esteemed guests, including voice actors, illustrators and writers, and there are

  • FlixBus Extends Seat Reservation to Most Routes

    About a year ago, FlixBus introduced the seat reservation to the great delight of many passengers. After a successful pilot project amongst its European markets, the feature was implemented throughout the company, and has made its way overseas when FlixBus expanded to the United States. Download the CheckMyBus app for FREE for your Mobile Device: Families and larger groups were particularly happy about the new service, which was initially affected by several teething troubles. Among other things, customers complained that reserved seats were not clearly marked and were therefore often already occupied, or that the booked seat reservation was canceled spontaneously. These shortcomings now seem to have been resolved, as…

  • FlixBus and the Luxury Liners of the US Bus Market

    After FlixBus launched its first US routes in May 2018, media coverage in the United States was strong. The American press was optimistic about FlixBus bringing “European travel comfort” across the Atlantic. There, the bus is still regarded as a cheaper and often less than ideal mode of transportation, where passengers have to make

  • What to Know About Air Travel During the Government Shutdown

    The US is entering the longest government shutdown in its history, coming in at 28 days with many federal employees missing two paychecks. This has particularly hit Transportation Security Administration (TSA) employees hard, since they cannot strike and are required to continue working despite the lack of pay. Consequently,

  • Hidden Gems in the American West

    The American west has no shortage of exciting attractions from the Redwood Forest to Hollywood, the Las Vegas Strip, the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley and Route 66. Between all these major destinations, however, are hidden gems that are also worth a visit. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, make the most of your

  • CheckMyCon: Travel to Conventions this Winter by Bus!

    If you’re a fan of anime, video games or comics or belong to any kind of fandom, what better way to spend the chilly winter months than to visit some comic and anime conventions! While the largest anime and comic conventions, such as San Diego Comic Con and Anime Boston take place in the

  • Some of the Most Iconic Buses in the History of Cinema

    Though often in the backdrop as unsung heroes, buses have often served an important function in unforgettable stories both inside the silver screen and outside. They are an integral part of daily life and will remain so for a long time to come. Check out some out some of the most famous buses in the history of cinema:

  • FlixBus Aims for Texas and New York Routes in 2019

    Six months after FlixBus entered the US market on the west coast, the company has already set its sights on expanding to other parts of the country. In 2019, the German company plans to expand its network to New York and Texas and eventually hopes to have connections available in the Pacific Northwest and the

  • Ghosts, Vampires and Voodoo: A Haunted Halloween in New Orleans

    ghost house

    Haunted tours, voodoo shops, historic cemeteries and vampire legends, the Crescent City is often considered “The Most Haunted City in America.” New Orleans embraces this title and goes all out in celebrating Halloween each year. Aside from tons of ghost tours through the city’s most historicneighborhoods, New Orleans has a unique flair of its own during the Halloween season. Costume shops all over the city offer such large selections, that you’ll have a tough time choosing what to wear or even where to go as there are costume parties hosted all throughout the city. Whether you’re traveling with little ones or are looking for more adult scares, New Orleans is…

  • Buses That Made History!

    No matter how much time passes, certain buses have forged an iconic facet in our daily lives and never seem to go out of style. Whether it be in films, tourism media or in your own imagination when thinking about a certain city or country, these coaches always come to mind. Last year, these buses have been the subject of several