Wireless Charging Electric Buses

Wireless Charging Electric BusesBus companies around the world are including electric vehicles in their fleets, with the help of manufacturers, such as Hyundai, Daimler, BYD and Proterra. Although the capability of wirelessly charging batteries is a heavily investigated topic, its implementation on a large scale has not yet taken place. The American company Momentum Dynamics plans to change this situation with its new high capacity wireless electric charging system that will boost a fleet of electric buses in North America. This technology designed and produced in the United States can be used in buses as well as cars and autonomous vehicles.

How Does the Wireless Electric Charging System Work?

How Does the Wireless Electric Charging System Work?Buses are not always in continuous movement as they stop to drop off and pick up passengers, change drivers or even wait for the exact scheduled departure time. The company, specialised in charging systems, takes advantage of these breaks by installing a 200-kW charger at local bus stops in Wenatchee. Thanks to these chargers, the buses are charged enough to get to the next stop.

What Advantages do Wireless Charging Systems Offer?

This system is more efficient, in terms of energy, than traditional chargers with the same related power. The company ensures that the 200-kW system will give the bus a greater autonomy than an equivalent diesel vehicle, also reducing operating costs and emissions. The goal for this year is to introduce this system in new US cities and in 2019 to take it to Europe.

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