What to do During an Emergency Childbirth on the Bus

What to do During an Emergency Childbirth on the BusChildbirth is one of the most natural processes in the world, and can happen at any time. Even with modern medical advances, experience from past births and proper planning, children are born when they want to be born, whether you’re ready or not. Women giving birth during the most inconvenient times is not only a popular trope in movies but a fairly common occurrence. Perhaps one of the most inconvenient cases happened to a woman this past summer on an ALSA bus in Marrakesh, Morocco.

Bearing in mind that this can happen at any given time (even while on the bus), it’s a good idea to be prepared by knowing what to do during an emergency delivery.

How to Handle an Emergency Delivery

If you ever find yourself in this kind of situation, the most important thing to remember is to remain calm. Remember that you are neither the first nor the last person to go through such a situation, and for a comforting thought, it’s good to note that deliveries are one of the few medical emergencies that almost always end well.

Ask for help!

Ask for help!Quickly contact emergency services, i.e. an ambulance, so that they can arrive as soon as possible. Even if the childbirth occurs before they can arrive, both the mother and the newborn child will require immediate medical care. In addition, it can always be helpful to have a professional on the phone to resolve any possible doubts.

Find Peace of Mind for You and the Future Mother!

Find Peace of Mind for You and the Future Mother!It is extremely important for everyone involved to relax as well as the pregnant woman herself. Once the bus is stopped, it’s also recommended that other passengers leave the vehicle to avoid the additional stress of having curious onlookers nearby. No one wants to give birth in front of a large audience!

Preparation is Essential!

Preparation is Essential!Help the pregnant woman find the cleanest and most comfortable place possible, and keep in mind that the most ideal position does not always have to entail her lying down. Being in a relaxed position helps control elapsed time between contractions and also reserves her energy to be able to push the newborn out at the opportune moment.

The Moment Has Come!

The Moment Has Come!Once the baby starts to appear, it’s important to place one hand under its head. In case the umbilical cord was rolled in the neck, you will only have to release it with a finger. Once the baby is completely out, you should wipe its nose and mouth so that they can begin to breathe and then quickly place the child on the mother’s lap.

While a bus is probably one of the last places any woman would want to give birth, there are many worse scenarios. The good news? These kinds of hectic experiences tend to unite everyone involved and definitely creates a lifelong memory. As for the woman who gave birth on an ALSA bus, she received a life-long free pass with the bus operator!


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