Travel at the Speed of Sleep with Bus Hotels

Travel at the Speed of Sleep with Bus HotelsWith nearly 400 miles between Los Angeles and San Francisco, traveling between these two famous California cities can be quite a hassle. Whether you’re a tourist with a limited amount of time, or are a working professional who regularly does business in both cities, finding an easier and more efficient way to make this journey would be a huge relief. Cabin buses has created an overnight, “hotel on wheels” which allows passengers to sleep through the journey.

A Hotel on Wheels

Cabin, a California-based startup, has taken great lengths to combine the efficiency of a bus with the luxury and comfort of a hotel. Every passenger is assured his or her own sleeping pod, much akin to Tokyo’s capsule hotels, with a curtain for privacy, a window, reading light, and an outlet for electronic devices. The buses also feature a lounge space, a complete bathroom with flushable water, and of course, Wi-Fi. As is the case for any quality hotel, cleanliness is assured, and fresh bedding is provided between every trip.

Passengers are accommodated to feel as comfortable on board as they would in a conventional hotel. People with disabilities can access private cabins on the first floor, which are approved by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Those who wouldn’t refer to themselves as early birds, have the option to sleep in for a couple of hours with the late check-out at 9 am instead of 7. This way, any passenger can wake up feeling refreshed and ready to spend the full day at their destination.

San Francisco

At $115 for a single ticket, the bus hotel is certainly not one of the more cost-effective means of transportation, especially when compared to traditional bus lines. For example, with Greyhound, it’s possible to travel from Los Angeles to San Francisco for prices as low as $20. However, for those looking for a relaxing and comfortable voyage, it’s an amazing opportunity.

Luxury Buses in the Future

While the route between Los Angeles and San Francisco is the only one the hotel bus currently services, Cabin hopes to provide more routes throughout the country in the future, particularly to New York City and other metropolitan areas. Travelers will be able to maximize their time in their destination of choice, by sleeping comfortably through the trip to get there. This is particularly valuable for tourists and working professionals, who usually have a limited amount of time to travel.

If you’re interested in finding out more about similar types of buses, check out the rise of luxury bus lines.

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