South Korea Showcases 5G Technology in Self-Driving Buses during the Winter Olympics

South Korea Showcases 5G Technology in Self-Driving Buses during the Winter OlympicsThe city of Pyeongchang, South Korea is the host for the 2018 Winter Olympics, and the event will not just be a showcase of athletic talent, but also technological innovation. The country wishes to provide a sneak peak of some of its cutting-edge transportation technology well before it hits the global market in 2020. Hyundai Motors will display its autonomous driving technology and while KT Corp will also reveal its implementation of groundbreaking 5G internet access in self-driving buses. The objective is to create positive attention for autonomous transportation and relieve any worries that passengers might have before they hit the market in the coming years.

South Korea Tests Technological Prowess at the Olympics

South Korea Tests Technological Prowess at the OlympicsThe new buses, which were created during a partnership between Hyundai and KT as well as Korea’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport will be shuttling visitors around the city during the event. While the buses’ capabilities are two-fold with impressive new self-driving and internet technologies, they are primarily marketed for their 5G connectivity after a sponsorship debate between KT and Hyundai. Initially, it was unsure whether the vehicles should be categorized strictly as transportation or as an internet device, and ultimately the implemented 5G technology won the spotlight. The vehicles have been operating in the coastal town of Gangneung. KT is also looking to a cooperation with manufacturer Nexos, which will also demonstrate its vehicles’ advanced self-driving technology. Meanwhile, Hyndai is also partnering with the American startup Aurora Innovation to work on vehicles that can mostly operate without human input.

The 5G technology is quite a marvel in and of itself, expected to be about 100 times faster than 4G, running at roughly 10 gigabits per second. 5G will be able to send feature length movies in HD within a matter of seconds. They also have the capability to handle the massive amounts of data that sensors and chips on self-driving vehicles would require to successfully monitor the roads and maneuver properly amidst a plethora of conditions.

Window Screens Provide Optimal Media Coverage

Window Screens Provide Optimal Media CoveragePerhaps one of the most impressive features of the 5G buses is that their windows act as interior video screens that can show live coverage of the Olympic events to keep passengers up to date during their journey. Meanwhile, the buses utilize its 5G technology to navigate roads and monitor complex situations. Throughout the events, drones have been used to capture and stream content from a variety of vantage points so that viewers can enjoy their favorite events from several perspectives. The window display screens will let passengers watch films and television shows or even other landscapes from around the world and beyond.

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