Spring Break by Bus: Last Minute Travel Tips for a Low-Budget Spring Break

Spring Break by Bus: Last Minute Travel Tips for a Low-Budget Spring BreakSpring break season is upon us. As the universities all across the US close their doors for one or two weeks, students from everywhere are looking for inexpensive travel options in order to spend the well-deserved vacation in a hot climate and surrounded by like-minded spring breakers.

America’s Top Spring Break Destinations 2016

The travel website oyster.com has analyzed data from Twitter, Instagram and other social media in order to find out, where this year’s top spring break locations can be found… and we tell you how to get there for little money by bus!

Top 10 Spring Break Destinations in 2016

1. Austin, TX
2. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
3. Tampa, FL
4. South Padre Island, TX
5. Las Vegas, NV
6. New Orleans, LA
7. Miami, FL
8. Panama City, FL
9. Cancun, Mexico
10. Los Angeles, CA

Spring Break in Austin, TX

Austin, TX tops this year’s list of the most attractive spring break destinations. While it might seem to be the odd one out at first sight, Austin combines big city atmosphere, hot temperatures and a nightlife rich in variety. The city is known as the Live Music Capital of the World, which is especially true in March as the well-known South by Southwest Festival takes place – an event perfect for spring breakers. For cool contemporary bars you should make sure to check out Rainey Street. If you learning more about Austin’s craft beer scene, then we recommend you book a guided tour on the Austin Brew Bus.

Cheap bus connections to Austin, TX:
Houston, TX ↔ Austin, TX, megabus, from $10
Oklahoma City, OK ↔ Austin, TX, Greyhound, from $71

Spring Break in Tampa, FL

Spring Break in Las Vegas, NVTampa and Miami have long been competing for the love of spring breakers and this year Tampa achieved victory. Most student chose Tampa over Miami because it is generally more affordable while still offering the usual night- and day-time events sought after by spring breakers. You can take a walk along Clearwater Beach or opt for one of the many leisure activities including dolphin watching, kayaking or fishing.

Cheap bus connections to Tampa, FL:
Atlanta, GA ↔ Tampa, FL, Greyhound, from $22.50
Charlotte, NC ↔ Tampa, FL, Greyhound, from $67

Spring Break in Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas is always a good place to go, be it for bachelor parties, family vacations or spring break. Once there and checked into your hotel, you should head straight for the strip and chose which of the world’s most famous casinos you’re going to explore first. You can also take your pick from one of the many shows and concerts on offer in Vegas or buy a ticket for one of the famous Vegas pool parties, which take place during spring break.

Cheap bus connections to Las Vegas, NV:
Phoenix, AZ ↔ Las Vegas, NV, GotoBus, from $55
Los Angeles, CA ↔ Las Vegas, NV, GotoBus, from $10

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