Jefferson Lines increases bus services between the Twin Cities and Duluth

Jefferson Lines increases bus services between the Twin Cities and DuluthThe Minneapolis-based US bus company Jefferson Lines established new bus services in Minnesota in mid-October, shortly after Greyhound Bus strengthened its operation in Missouri at the end of September. This move is believed to provide passengers with more flexible bus schedules, shorter touring possibilities as well as more low-cost travel options.

The extended bus travel service from Jefferson Lines integrated a new bus schedule running three daily departures between Minneapolis, St. Paul and Duluth, offering additional bus stops at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport and the Mall of America based on the existing bus routes located within the Twin Cities. Moreover, the bus company also launched a new bus station at Hobby Lobby in the bustling Miller Hill Mall area in Duluth, where bus travelers can spend a quarter for the transfer service to the Duluth Transit Authority’s Mall Area Short Hop (MASH), connecting the three regions with five departures per day in total.

In particular, the enhanced Jefferson Lines bus service will allow passengers to embrace the opportunity of taking the early-morning departures from Duluth and the early-evening ones from the Twin Cities to organize a round trip on the same day.

According to Kevin Pursey, Jefferson’s director of marketing, the increased bus service will become the most affordable and commodious way to travel across Duluth and the Twin Cities in the future. Furthermore, Jefferson Lines also has instituted a late-afternoon bus route from Duluth to Iron Range (Aitkin, MN at the moment), allowing for a same day round-trip as well, starting at the price of $5 one-way. Besides, early-birds who book 7, 14, 21 days ahead of departure will benefit from a generous discount up to 50% of the total price.

Check the new bus schedules and connections between the cities here with one click:

Minneapolis, MN ↔ Duluth, MN
Saint Paul, MN ↔ Duluth, MN

“Jefferson Lines is committed to better serving the Duluth community,” says Pursey, who believes implementing further bus schedules and routes will be highly helpful for the passengers from Duluth to reach to the Twin Cities and many other destinations with more convenient travel alternatives.

Indeed, not only will the Twin Cities area benefit from the newly added services, this improvement to the previous bus schedules between the Twin Cities and Duluth will also serve as an important step before Jefferson Lines moves its major Duluth bus station to the new Duluth Transportation Center at downtown Duluth in January 2016.

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