International Bus Markets Experiment with Renewable Energies

International Bus Markets Experiment with Renewable EnergiesRenewable energies and eco-friendly traveling are popular not just since Leonardo DiCaprio decided to take his electronic car to red carpet events. Taking the bus, sharing a car or making use of public transport – all of these options are good for the environment but they still rely heavily on limited resources. However, a British bus company came up with the solution: energy created from human waste.

The Motorcoach and Bio-Waste

However eco-friendly traveling by public transport might be, these alternatives still emit gas, even though it’s only in small amounts. This is where renewable energies become important. Scientists from all over the world are constantly looking for new possibilities of how to transform unlimited resources into energy. One of the latest trends is to use human waste such as poo to drive a local bus.

Britain’s Poo-Bus

The Bio-Bus, which was developed by the company GENeco, is serving bus stops in the English city of Bristol. It was launched about a year ago and it uses fuel which was created in a state-of-the-art plant designed and built by the company for this specific reason. The so-called “Poo-Bus” runs on biomethane, which causes less emissions than diesel engines. What’s more: the fuel used by GENeco’s buses is also significantly cheaper than usual gas. Bristol has been chosen as the first home of the new bus as the city is widely known as Europe’s Green Capital thanks to numerous efforts contributing to environment protection.

Sewage and Diapers: New Forms of Energy

But the United Kingdom is not the only country which ventures out and experiments with new forms of energy. The Norwegian capital Oslo is operated by 80 buses which run on energy created out of local sewage. Canada is currently seeking to transform used diapers into energy. The country expects to turn about 180 million diapers into roughly 11 million liters of biodiesel.

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