Parking Made Easy: Greyhound Collaborates with On-Demand Parking Provider

Parking Made Easy: Greyhound Collaborates with On-Demand Parking ProviderMany bus passengers are familiar with the following scenario: You have booked a cheap ticket for an intercity or interstate bus but have to rely on your car to reach the bus stop. On getting there, all the good parking spots are taken and finding an appropriate parking space is a hassle. In the end, the cost for the garage or the valet parking might even exceed what you paid for your bus trip. The bus company Greyhound Bus has come up with a solution to solve this problem and to make the search for a parking space quicker and more convenient.

Thanks to a collaboration with Parking Panda, Greyhound customers no longer need to look for a parking spot. Parking Panda is America’s leading on-demand parking provider and allows customers to look for free parking spots before reaching their destination. As soon as the space was found, it can be reserved via an app. The customer can thus look forward to guaranteed parking and there will be no surprises regarding the cost: On the app you can instantly see the price of any free parking space. This allows you to either look for the cheapest spot or to pay a bit extra and to opt for the parking space that is closest to your desired destination.

The Parking Panda service is now also integrated into the booking process of Greyhound Bus Lines. After you have picked a journey on CheckMyBus, you have the chance to check for available parking when booking your bus ticket on the Greyhound website. The nerve-wracking search for a parking space close to the bus stop is now in the past. The convenient on-demand parking service is already available at more than 50 Greyhound terminals across 40 cities including New York, San Francisco and Chicago. Many more destinations are supposed to follow in 2016.

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