Band Weezer Sells Greyhound Bus Trip to the Galapagos Islands

Pop Band Weezer Sells Greyhound Bus Trip to the Galapagos IslandsThe pop band Weezer will release their new album called “The White Album” on April 1 and as with any eagerly anticipated LP launch there’s numerous pre-order options available for fans on the band’s website. However, one of them sticks out from the usual pre-order deals which generally include signed merchandise articles, fancy limited edition packaging or backstage tour tickets: Weezer offers something called the “Weezer Experience Bundle” that allows a fan to spend some quality time with the band’s lead singer Rivers Cuomo on the Galapagos islands. The package costs $25,000 and what’s most bizarre about it is that the archipelago is meant to be reached via a Greyhound bus.

The Weezer Experience Bundle includes

  • A Greyhound bus trip to the Galapagos islands
  • Bird watching with lead singer Rivers Cuomo trying to spot the rare white-cheeked pintail
  • A catamaran ride to the Charles Darwin Research Station
  • Singing “The British are Coming” with Rivers Cuomo but replacing “old King George” with “lonesome King George”
  • The buyer of the package will be named “King of the World” for one day

The general belief was that the Weezer Experience Bundle was an elaborate marketing strategy in order to promote the launch of the new album and the single “King of the World”. After all, the song’s lyrics also feature a Greyhound bus ride to the Galapagos. However, speculations about whether the bundle was a real deal or just a PR stunt came to an end in late January when a wealthy fan actually bought the package. The band confirmed the purchase via their Facebook page stating “Time to figure out how to get a Greyhound to the Galapagos.” This might indeed be an impossible endeavor as the island archipelago in question is located roughly about 700 miles off the coast of Ecuador.

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