Discover Europe’s Most Beautiful Christmas Markets for $50

Discover Europe’s Most Beautiful Christmas Markets for $50Europe is known for many things and its Christmas Markets are certainly on that list. Mulled wine, ginger bread and festive displays attract millions of visitors each year. For many travelers it’s hard to choose which of the many Christmas Markets to visit since all of them are unique in their own way. Thanks to cheap bus travel options in Europe, you no longer have to choose. We tell you how to reach four of the most beautiful European Christmas Markets for only $50.

The bus takes you to Europe’s best Christmas Markets

Cheap bus travel options to European Christmas Markets

Stop 1: Strasbourg (France)

The Strasbourg Christmas Market was held for the first time in 1570 and is known to be the oldest Christmas Market in France. Hundreds of little wooden chalets display handicraft and artworks. The “Christkindlesmärik” close to the city hall is the most well-known market in Strasbourg. Here you can try specialties of the Alsation cuisine, such as tarte flambée and choucroute.

Stop 2: Nuremberg (Germany)

Nuremberg Christmas MarketBus tickets for journeys from French Strasbourg to the Franconian city Nuremberg can be bought from $24. When getting off the bus at Nuremberg’s central bus station, you will only have to walk a few hundred meters to the market place, where the most well-known German Christmas Market takes place. In Nuremberg you should try some German delicacies like Bratwurst and mulled wine. Apart from the main market you will also find the “Kinderweihnacht”, a Christmas Market for children, and the international market with chalets from Scotland, Spain and many other countries.

Stop 3: Prague (Czech Republic)

Although located in another country Prague is basically only a good two hours down the road from Nuremberg. This also explains the cheap bus tickets which start at $15. Like Nuremberg, Prague is a medieval city which gives a unique atmosphere to the Christmas Market. Stroll along the little alleys and marvel at Prague’s impressive architecture. Should you have had enough mulled wine by now, then you might be happy to know that Prague is famous for its local beer specialties. Why not try some yourself?

Stop 4: Vienna (Austria)

If you thought that Strasbourg’s Christmas Market was old, then the one in Vienna takes it to a whole new level. Its roots date back to the 13th century, when Albrecht I allows the Austrian citizens to stage a December market. While it was just one market back then, Vienna can nowadays pride itself of around 20 individual Christmas Markets all over town. Our recommendation: The Christmas Village at Belvedere Palace – the impressive castle serves as a perfect setting for some holiday extravaganza. You can reach the Austrian capital from Prague for about $10.

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