The CheckMyBus Guide to the Copa America Centenario USA 2016

Bus Routes to Copa America 2016There is absolutely no doubt that the Copa America USA 2016 will be a historic event. The first Copa America was celebrated 100 years ago and it is one of the oldest sports competitions from the modern era and the world’s oldest continental soccer competition. It will also be the first time the tournament will be hosted outside South America with America having the honor to celebrate the Copa’s 100th anniversary (No pressure, Team USA).

We have prepared the CheckMyBus guide to the event with the most important bus routes to all stadiums and many other handy tips to make sure you don’t miss the action.

10 Cities

All 16 teams will face off in 32 matches which will be played in 10 cities all across America. The festive atmosphere and passionate crowds will be found in the following cities:

Glendale/Phoenix, Arizona

Buses to Glendale, AZ
Glendale, Arizona will make use of its NFL-ready University of Phoenix Stadium to welcome fans of the Uruguayan, Mexican, Ecuadorean and Peruvian teams. It will also host the match for third place.

All matches at the University of Phoenix Stadium:

6/5/2016 8PM ET Mexico
Vs Uruguay Group C 3-1
6/8/2016 10PM ET Ecuador
Vs Peru Group B 2-2
6/25/2016 8PM ET 1 Loser Semi-finals
Vs 2 Loser Semi-finals

Cheap bus routes to Phoenix and Glendale, AZ

dotcmbPhoenix, AZ ↔ Glendale, AZ, Greyhound, from $6.50

dotcmbTucson, AZ ↔ Glendale, AZ, Greyhound, from $14

While you’re there

Visit the red rocks of Sedona or head north to the Grand Canyon for the complete Arizona experience.

Chicago, Illinois

Buses to Chicago Copa America 2016
Chicago will take a break from a so-far great start from the Cubbies and the White Sox to soak in the soccer atmosphere. Team USA will be facing Peru during the first round and Soldier Field will also be hosting a great South American duell with Argentina and Chile vying for greatness.

All matches at Soldier Field:

6/5/2016 5PM ET Jamaica
Vs Venezuela Group C 0-1
6/8/2016 8PM ET USA
Vs Costa Rica Group A 4-0
6/10/2016 9:30PM ET Argentina
Vs Panama Group D 5-0
6/22/2016 8PM ET TBD
Vs TBD Semifinals

Cheap bus routes to Chicago, IL

dotcmbMilwaukee, WI ↔ Chicago, IL, Greyhound, from $10

dotcmbKansas City, MO ↔ Chicago, IL, Greyhound, from $38

dotcmbSt Louis, MO ↔ Chicago, IL, Megabus, from $34

While you’re there

Just three days before kick-off, the Maifest will be celebrated at Lincoln Square. Visit on June 2nd and get a taste of the city’s German tradition (and beer!).

New Jersey/New York City

Bus routes to Met Life Stadium
MetLife Stadium is no stranger to “Football”. The Jets and the Giants share playing time at the “most expensive football stadium ever built” and it will give New Jersey and New York fans a chance to see the tournament’s final match on June 26th.

All matches at MetLife Stadium:

6/12/2016 6:30PM ET Ecuador
Vs Haiti Group B 4-0
6/17/2016 8PM ET Peru
Vs Colombia Quartefinals
6/26/2016 8PM ET TBD

Cheap bus routes to NYC/New Jersey

dotcmbPhiladelphia, PA ↔ Newark, NJ/New York City, NY, megabus, NYC – Philadelphia from $5 or GotoBus, NJ – Philadelphia from $8

dotcmbBaltimore, MD ↔ Newark, NJ/New York City, NY, GoToBus, from $20

dotcmbWashington, DC ↔ Newark, NJ/New York City, NY, megabus, from $5

While you’re there

Make sure to visit the Copa America Centenario FanHQ one day ahead of the Final on June 25. It’ll be the perfect way to get ready for the big day when the best two teams face-off to take home the honors.


Buses to Boston, MA
The home of the Patriots and the New England Revolution, Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, southwest of Boston, has its fair share of soccer history as it’s already hosted important matches, such as the World Cup Qualifiers and the MLS Cup. South American giants, Brazil, will be facing Peru on June 12 and the quarterfinals will be taking place on Jun 18.

All matches at Gillette Stadium:

6/10/2016 7PM ET Chile
Vs Bolivia Group D 2-1
6/12/2016 8:30PM ET Brazil
Vs Peru Group B 0-1
6/18/2016 7PM ET Argentina
Vs Venezuela Quartefinals

Cheap bus routes to Boston, MA

dotcmbNew York City, NY ↔ Boston, MA, megabus from $19

dotcmbProvidence, RI ↔ Boston, MA, Greyhound, from $12

dotcmbHartford, CT ↔ Boston, MA, Greyhound, from $13.50

While you’re there

The Copa America Centenario FanHQ will be hosted on two days, June 9 and 11, at the Royale Entertainment Complex. Get ready for the matches and celebrate with other fans.


Buses to Houston
Houston is home to the Space Center and it will welcome the stars from the Colombian, Mexican, Venezuelan and Costa Rican teams. The NRG Stadium is the home of the Houston Texans and has a seating capacity of over 70,000.

All matches at NRG Stadium:

6/11/2016 9PM ET Colombia
Vs Costa Rica Group A 2-3
6/13/2016 8PM ET Mexico
Vs Venezuela Group C 1-1
6/21/2016 9PM ET TBD
Vs TBD Semifinals

Cheap bus routes to Houston, TX

dotcmbDallas, TX ↔ Houston, TX, megabus, from $5

dotcmbAustin, TX ↔ Houston, TX, megabus, from $10

While you’re there

Visit the Space Center and marvel at the country’s space program before you see the stars shine in the Copa.


Buses to Orlando
Camping World Stadium is no stranger to big sporting events. It’s hosted the 1994 FIFA World Cup, the 1996 Olympic games and the MLS All-Star Game. Brazil will be making its debut on June 8.

All matches at Camping World Stadium:

6/4/2016 5PM ET Costa Rica
Vs Paraguay Group A 0-0
6/6/2016 7PM ET Panama
Vs Bolivia Group D 2-1
6/8/2016 7:30PM ET Brazil
Vs Haiti Group B 7-1

Cheap bus routes to Orlando, FL

dotcmbMiami, FL ↔ Orlando, FL, Greyhound, from $16

dotcmbTampa, FL ↔ Orlando, FL, Greyhound, from $12

dotcmbWest Palm Beach, FL ↔ Orlando, FL, Greyhound, from $24

While you’re there

You’re in Orlando, the world’s theme park capital. Whether you’re traveling with the family or are looking to relive your childhood’s memories, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to the wide range of world class amusement parks.

Pasadena, CA

Buses to Pasadena, CA
The Rose Bowl is one of the most iconic venues in the USA. It’s no stranger to important soccer events as it hosted the nail-biting 1994 World Cup Final between Italy and Brazil and the 1984 Gold Medal Match at the Summer Olympics.

All matches at the Rose Bowl:

6/4/2016 10PM ET Brazil
Vs Ecuador Group B 0-0
6/7/2016 10:30PM ET Colombia
Vs Paraguay Group A 2-1
6/9/2016 10PM ET Mexico
Vs Jamaica Group C 2-0

Cheap bus routes to Los Angeles, CA

dotcmb Anaheim, CA ↔ Los Angeles, CA , GoToBus from $20

dotcmb San Diego, CA ↔ Los Angeles, CA , GoToBus from $20

dotcmb Las Vegas, NV ↔ Los Angeles, CA , GoToBus, from $5

While you’re there

No question; the fan events happening before each game promise to be legendary. Fans from all over the world will gather to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Copa America.

Philadelaphia, PA

Buses to Philadelphia, PA
The City of Brotherly Love will welcome fans from 6 different teams, including team USA. The Lincoln Financial Field is home to the Eagles and will host Team USA vs Paraguay and one of the least known yet fiercest rivalries of the Copa: Venezuela vs Uruguay.

All matches at the Lincoln Financial Field:

6/9/2016 7:30PM ET Uruguay
Vs Venezuela Group C 0-1
6/11/2016 7PM ET USA
Vs Paraguay Group A 1-0
6/14/2016 8PM ET Chile
Vs Panama Group D 4-2

Cheap bus routes to Philadelphia, PA

dotcmb Washington, DC ↔ Philadelphia, PA , megabus from $15

dotcmb New York, NY ↔ Philadelphia, PA , megabus, from $5

While you’re there

No trip to Philadelphia is complete without paying a visit to the Liberty Bell. The bell, which rang on July 8 1776 to mark the reading of the Declaration of Independence, can now be seen at the Liberty Bell Center in Independence National Historical Park.

Bay Area, CA

Buses to the Bay Area, CA
The Bay Area will be celebrating soccer once again as Levi’s Stadium will be hosting the opening match of the tournament and will see Team USA face the tough Colombian squad with Real Madrid’s James (HAH-mez) Rodríguez. The stadium will also be hosting its first major soccer event after being built in 2014.

All matches at Levi’s Stadium:

6/3/2016 9:30PM ET USA
Vs Colombia Group A 0-2
6/6/2016 10PM ET Argentina
Vs Chile Group D 2-1
6/13/2016 8PM ET Uruguay
Vs Jamaica Group C 3-0
6/18/2016 10PM ET Mexico
Vs Chile Quartefinals

Cheap bus routes to the Bay Area, CA

dotcmb Sacramento, CA ↔ San Jose, CA , Greyhound from $15

dotcmb Sacramento, CA ↔ San Francisco, CA , megabus from $9

dotcmb Los Angeles, CA ↔ San Francisco, CA, Greyhound, from $22

While you’re there

The San Pedro Square Market will be hosting the FanHQ in San Jose. The atmosphere will be electric with Colombian, Argentine, and Uruguayan fans among those in attendance.

Seattle, WA

Bus to Seattle, WA
The CenturyLink Field is known for its passionate crowds, who root for the Seahawks and the Seattle Sounders in the NFL and MLS respectively. The soccer stadium has hosted myriad international soccer matches and will be welcoming Bolivia, Peru, Haiti and Argentina.

All matches at CenturyLink Field:

6/4/2016 7:30PM ET Haiti
Vs Peru Group B 0-1
6/14/2016 10PM ET Argentina
Vs Bolivia Group D 3-0
6/16/2016 9:30PM ET USA
Vs Ecuador Quarterfinals

Cheap bus routes to Seattle, WA

dotcmb Portland, OR ↔ Seattle, WA, Greyhound from $13

dotcmb Vancouver, BC ↔ Seattle, WA , Greyhound from $13.50

While you’re there

The FanHQ at the Showbox SoDo will have a great atmosphere with live music to receive the fans from Argentina, Haiti, Bolivia and Peru. Tickets are free.

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