Buses That Made History!

Buses That Made History!No matter how much time passes, certain buses have forged an iconic facet in our daily lives and never seem to go out of style. Whether it be in films, tourism media or in your own imagination when thinking about a certain city or country, these coaches always come to mind. Last year, these buses have been the subject of several citizen awareness campaigns.

Discover Some of the Most Iconic Buses

Although some of these are quite far away, their fame makes these buses recognizable from all over the world, and you’re sure to recognize some of them.

London Double-decker Buses

London Double-decker Buses

These buses accentuate the quintessential image of the city of London (together with the famous telephone booths) and can carry up to 30 standing and 65 seated passengers. They were created with the main goal of transporting more passengers within the legal length limits.

US School Buses

US School Buses

Likely a distinct moment from many of our childhoods, these famous yellow buses can boast international recognition thanks to television and movies. But, did you know that the signature school bus glossy yellow used on these buses was chosen to attract as much attention as possible to keep the young passengers safe?

Chivas colombianas

Chivas colombianas

Chivas, also known as stairway vehicles, are vehicles used to transport goods and passengers, and are mainly used in Colombia and nearby countries, such as Ecuador and Panama. They are characterized by their vivid colors, cultural legacy and are a popular tourist attraction in the present day.

Buses vintage Greyhound

Vintage buses Greyhound

Greyhound Lines, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is the dominant bus company in the United States. Its famous buses have enjoyed, and still enjoy today, a great presence in both television and on the big screen. The greyhound logo is synonymous with bus travel in North America, and many stations are named after the company.

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