COVID-19 Simulator: How would YOU curb the virus?

Simulate how the virus spreads depending on how many people are in one space, mask usage and people’s behavior.

The Covid-19 Simulator
How would YOU curb the virus?
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People in one space
Percentage of people wearing masks (0 – 100)
Social interaction

At CheckMyBus, we love to travel, just like anyone else. Unfortunately, with the jump in cases, all of us are facing limited mobility. After a stable summer in Europe, cases went up higher than ever. How did we get here? Why did the curves ramp up that fast? This is what many people have been wondering.

PandemicSome claim it is simply a “numbers game”. Some say it boils down to people’s wider behavior. Others say it’s a matter of us being inside more during colder months. To visualize these discussions, we created a little simulator. What are your thoughts? Try it out. Don’t expect scientific answers, the algorithm behind the simulation is not based on medical research. Still, some say it was a bit of an eye opener.

Find and Compare BusesWhile many travel advisories urge people to stay home and restrict movement, many still need to travel for work or other essential reasons. Above all, we want to help keep passengers safe and healthy. Therefore, we strongly suggest wearing masks on board and checking any restrictions or regulations that apply on board the bus. With our search engine, you can see all available timetables, factoring in reduced networks to find a bus to get where you need to go.

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Disclaimer: This simulator simply tries to visualise possible effects on the spread of the virus with a basic statistic model. It has no medical purpose nor does it claim to give full picture on how COVID-19 can be controlled.