• Frequently Asked Questions about the Bus (FAQ)


    Here, you will find the most frequently asked questions about the bus from CheckMyBus users. Thanks to the well-established bus routes across America and the efforts of numerous companies, such as Greyhound, megabus and FlixBus, bus travel has been made a lot easier than before. Apart from the low price tickets, traveling by bus offers you advantages, such as extra luggage  compared to flights or rail, free and fast Wi-Fi on board as well as XXL legroom with reclining seats. Simply enjoy a cheap and comfortable bus trip! In addition, this extensive coverage has allowed for very cheap ticket prices and a large number of destinations to visit by bus.…

  • Best Bus Connection of April: Greenville to Atlanta

    Spring is officially here, which means warmer weather and finally being able to enjoy the outdoors again. Cities throughout the southern United States are the first to make the most of the sunny weather, and the cities of Greenville, South Carolina and Atlanta, Georgia have no shortage of festivals, cultural events

  • The Social Tourist Guide: Tips to Fitting in While Abroad

    While it’s always fun to plan a spontaneous trip to some place new, it’s still always a good idea to take some time to learn about the customs and traditions of your destination to avoid mistakes and uncomfortable situations. Did you know that in Iran, giving a “thumbs up” is just as

  • Planning a Last-Minute Spring Break Trip

    For college students across the country, spring break is here or quickly approaching. While many students yearn to go to warm destinations, some either can’t afford to travel far or simply procrastinated on planning their vacation. Regardless of what your situation is, it’s not too late to plan a fun spring break whether it be

  • Best Bus Connection of March: Chicago to Cleveland

    Spring is finally around the corner, and as it slowly starts to get warmer outside, planning a long trip can seem like the perfect way to shake off those winter blues, especially with St. Patrick’s Day coming up. Cities all over the country host massive parades, pub parties, live music as well as incorporating unique

  • Best Bus Connection of February: Charleston to Savannah

    With Valentine’s Day coming up, there are plenty of wonderful destinations across the United States to choose from for a romantic vacation. Whether you’re looking for a bustling tour through Time Square or a glamorous stroll through the Hollywood Block of Fame, there are boundless opportunities for an

  • Top Routes for a Mega Shopping Spree

    The United States is known for having some of the world’s largest shopping centers with huge selections to choose from, attracting visitors from all over the country and abroad. These outlets cater to a variety of shoppers and even offer convenient bus services to and from major cities, allowing customers to save money on

  • Omnibus and the History of Buses

    Buses of all types from local buses to intercity buses and school buses, are so present in our day to day lives that they could almost be considered “street furniture.” Have you ever wondered how these vehicles came to be? Where they came from, who invented them or when they finally hit the road? We, at CheckMyBus have, and invite you to

  • Innovative Pedestrian Detection System from Daimler Buses

    The transportation sector is constantly improving, and nearly every week there are new technologies and innovations to help improve both comfort and safety. Daimler Buses bring some of the latest advances in the bus sector by taking the lead in incorporating an emergency brake booster capable of

  • Best Bus Connection of December: Boston to New York

    The holiday season is here, which means Christmas decorations, timeless carols and seasonal treats. Every year, cities around the country go the extra mile to make the season as special as possible for their residents, bringing communities together. While New York City is known all over the world for its