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Greyhound Promo CodeThe American company Greyhound Bus offers about 3,800 destinations all across the USA and some in Mexico. While the bus tickets are fairly cheap anyway, sometimes you can save even more money when looking out for current discount codes or deals. If you happen to stumble over a current code, then all you need to do is to insert it in the respective field when booking your ticket – the price will be reduced in an instant!

Popular Greyhound Discounts


Greyhound knows that traveling with friends makes for a better and more pleasant travel experience. That’s why, if you’re traveling in small groups of up to three passengers, you’ll get a 10% discount.For the discount to be valid, you’ll have to buy all tickets at the same time where the first passenger pays the full ticket price and their companions get a 10% discount. Discount is not available in the state of New York or during peak season and holidays.


Children occupy less space than adults. Greyhound recognizes this and introduced this special offer for children traveling in the company of an adult (17 years of age or older). Children under 2 who are not occupying a seat will ride for free, whereas those who do occupy a seat will still get up to 20% off. Children between 2 and 16 also get a 20% off the normal ticket price when traveling with an adult (must travel the full route).


The Student Advantage Discount Card allows those traveling to school and back to save big. The card itself has an annual fee of $20 and once you own it you can get 20% off on select Greyhound routes and 40% off the Greyhound Package Express service to ship your packages across the nation at a discounted rate. Can’t be combined with other discounts.

Military and Veterans

Greyhound has always maintained a very strong social responsibility and played an important part in plenty of historic events of the twentieth century. Greyhound continues this tradition and now offers all military personnel (active or retired) an automatic 10% discount for all officers and their families.

Besides this, with the Military Advantage Card, all active or retired officers receive 20% off their tickets, 40% off the Greyhound Package Express service and insurance benefits with discounts on prescription drugs, food and entertainment. Another great opportunity is presented to all officers as a way of thanking them for their selfless service to the country: all military personnel can get a roundtrip anywhere in the U.S and the highest price they’ll pay is $279. A great opportunity to discover the wonderful country they are helping to build.


All passengers aged 62 and older will benefit from a 5% discount on all Greyhound buses and routes. To obtain the discount, passengers will have to present photo identification when buying their tickets.

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Quicklink Commuter Pass

Greyhound offers 1-day, 10-day or 30-day travel passes for specific routes. As of date of publication, Greyhound only offers the commuter pass for the following route(s)

  • Baton Rouge, LA to New Orleans, LA
  • Greyhound Mid-week Savings – Save up to 40% when booking on Tuesdays or Wednesdays

    • Travel on Tuesday or Wednesday to get cheaper fares
    • Travel before 10am for the biggest savings
    • No advance purchase necessary
    • Not valid during holidays


    Greyhound Promo Code: Get 20% off for New Year – valid until January 17, 2018

    Published on December 27, 2018

    If you’re planning a Greyhound trip in early January, you should make sure to book your ticket by December 28: If you do so and enter the promo code NEWYEAR20, you will automatically get 20 percent off. The promo code can be used on any route. It is valid for trips between January 7 and 17.

    Greyhound Promo Code: 10% Discount for Joining Road Rewards Program – valid until March 29, 2019

    Published on September 24, 2018

    Join Greyhound’s Road Rewards Program to earn points the more you travel and unlock rewards. You also save 10% off your first trip.

    Greyhound Promo Code: 10% Independence Day Discount – valid until July 4, 2017

    Published on July 2, 2017

    To celebrate Independence Day, Greyhound Bus Lines offers its customers 10 percent off for trips between 10 July and 31 August. All you need to do is to book your ticket by 4 July and to enter the promo code STARS10. The discount will then automatically be deducted. You can use this coupon code for every connection and since its valid for travel until the end of August it’s perfect for a spontaneous summer getaway.

    Greyhound Promo Code: Save 40% with Greyhound’s New Year’s Sale – valid until January 3, 2017

    Published on January 1, 2017

    To celebrate the New Year, Greyhound released a new promo code, which allows customers to save 40% on every route. If you book a trip between January 1 and January 3 and type in the code ENJOY40, you will automatically get 40% off. The deal applies for trips between January 9 and February 28 (exceptions: January 13, 16, 19-21, February 17, 20). However, you need to be quick because the promo code can only be used by the first 5,000 customers!

    Greyhound Promo Code: Save up to 75% with Greyhound’s Cyber Monday deals – valid only on November 28, 2016

    Published on November 28, 2016

    Greyhound is offering the biggest discount in the company’s history. Travelers can save up to 75% when buying tickets online. More info below:

    Book between 7 a.m. – 11 a.m.: Get 75 percent off travel between Jan. 4 – Feb. 28 by using the promo code SALE75
    Book between 12 p.m. – 3 p.m.: Get 15 percent off holiday travel between Dec. 15 – Jan. 3 by using the promo code SALE15
    Book between 4 p.m. – midnight: Get 25 percent off Spring Break travel between March 1 – April 10 by using the promo code SALE25

    Greyhound Promo Code: Save 15% in the Columbus Day Sale – valid until October 14, 2016

    Published on October 12, 2016

    If you want to travel by Greyhound bus between October 10 and December 15, then you should book your ticket right away. When you type in the promo code DISCOVER when booking your ticket, you will get 15% off. The discount is valid for journeys on every single Greyhound connection. Excluded are only trips between November 18 and 28.

    Greyhound Promo Code: Labor Day Weekend – 20% off every trip – valid between 1 – 5 Sept, 2016

    Published on September 2, 2016

    Type in the promo code LOW16 when booking your bus trip for any date between September 6th and November 15th , and you will get 20% off on all Greyhound routes. Also, if you hold on to your tickets, you will be able to receive a free beverage in participating restaurants (only valid on Labor Day weekend).

    Greyhound Promo Code: Back to School Sale – 15% off every trip – only valid on August 8, 2016

    Published on August 8, 2016

    If you were planning to travel with Greyhound, then you should make sure to book your trip today! When you type in the promo code BOOK16 when booking your bus trip for any date between August 15 and 31, then you will get 15% off – on every single route. However: the current Greyhound promo code is only valid for bookings completed on August 8. So what are you waiting for: travel more, spend less!

    Greyhound Promo Code: Father’s Day’s Sale – 10% off on all trips – valid until June 8, 2016

    Published on June 6, 2016

    To celebrate Father’s Day on June 12, 2016, Greyhound is offering a 10% discount to all customers booking from June 6 through June 8 for travel between June 8-20. You can travel by bus from Boston to New York City for just $18 or from Glendale to Phoenix for as little as $7. Make sure you enter the promo code FATHER16 at checkout before completing your booking.

    Greyhound Promo Code: 15 percent off for customers traveling from cities in Ohio or Kentucky – valid until February 29, 2016

    Published on February 22, 2016

    Every customer departing from a city in Ohio or Kentucky can currently save an additional 15 percent thanks to a Greyhound discount code. This means that a bus trip from Columbus to Cleveland can now be booked for as little as $6.80. A journey from Columbus to Louisville starts at $18.70 thanks to the special deal. If you want to benefit from the discount, then type in 15OFFOHKY when booking your trip with Greyhound Bus Lines. The discount code can be used until February 29 and is valid for journey until March 31, 2016. “This is one more way for us to say thank you to our customers for their loyalty, and a great time for those who want to experience the new Greyhound to do so,” explains Andy Kaplinsky, chief commercial officer at Greyhound Lines. We highly recommend you make use of the coupon since it allows you to visit some exciting events for little money. So don’t miss out on your inexpensive trip to the Brite Winter Festival in Cleveland, the Beer Fest in Columbus or the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Louisville, KY.

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    1. Hi I had received a text about my aunt Jenny who passed away Sunday afternoon. So you know I’m in a situation to where I can not afford a bus ticket even at discount . I am homeless here in the state of Nevada and my aunt who had raised me is in Wisconsin,Eau family is making arrangements for the funeral and cannot afford to pay for my travels.So I was hoping out of good faith that there was or is a way I may be able to get a free ride to Eau Claire , Wisconsin. I am a faithful Greyhound passenger road and payed for all bus rides that I have been taking send I was right years old I’m 45 now from that time I have taken at least 20 different bus rides most of my trips where three day trips I have maybe one bad experience with an arrival time and that was about 4 years ago at the Las Vegas terminal I was told by the bus driver that I would be reimbursed for the bus fare from Wisconsin to Nevada for the bus ended up being a couple of hrs late upon arrival I went in to find out if it was true not only were they rude to me I was also told that you should be happy that you made it home. Yes I did follow a complaint. And I have never heard from the people I filled a complaint to. But this is not a way for me to get a refund I don’t even care about the refund it was and is what this state lacks poorly in customer service. I am homeless and do need to get back. Please tell me you can help me.

      1. Dear David,

        Thank you for your message. We’re sorry for your loss. Please note that CheckMyBus is an intercity bus price comparison portal and doesn’t sell tickets. When you click “view deal” on a bus deal in our search engine, you’re then redirected to the bus company’s web-page to make the booking and payment. We suggest contacting Greyhound directly to see if you can come to an arrangement.

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    2. 2 traveler’s, round trip. Family member has past. Need to leave grand rapids mi and make it to saracto fl by sat 17th
      First time bus rider. Planning on leaving Tuesday 13. Plz help

      1. Hello Nicole,

        Thank you for your message. Unfortunately, we don’t have any direct bus connections from Grand Rapids, Michigan to Sarasota, Florida at this moment. There are however, direct flights for this route on Tuesday, February 13th. If you have any further questions, please feel free to get in touch with us again.

        Best regards,
        Your CheckMyBus Support

    3. hi
      i have a question regarding my traveling from Boston to California.
      actually i live in Boston and want to travel to California.
      But the problem is that i don’t have any state ID. and my passport of my native country has been expired.
      But i have my native country VALID DRIVING LICENCE.
      So can travel or not.

      1. Hi Raj,

        Travelling without a valid personal identification document in a foreign country is not recommended, and can be considered as a criminal offence in many countries. We strongly recommend you to renew your national passport, as local authorities may not accept your other personal documents, even if they are Photo IDs and are internationally recognized.

        Best regards,
        Your CheckMyBus Support

    4. All of this while maintaining the same affordable Greyhound bus ticket prices the nation has been accustomed to since the company’s conception. This trend has continued all the way until the present and has helped the company fend off its rivals’ attempt to gain some market share with an aggressive pricing strategy.

    5. Someone PLEASE CALL me At (blanked out for privacy reasons). Need to book a trip on line and can’t find anything that works on you web site. Phone (blanked out for privacy reasons). Thank you! Mind I Loret

      1. Dear Mind I Loret,

        Thank you for your inquiry.

        Please note, that CheckMyBus offers a price comparison service for bus trips. We therefore can only assist the users of our website with search-related inquiries directly on our website.

        We have good news, however, as Greyhound does indeed serve the Baton Rouge – Lufkin route, departing at 7:10pm: //

        Once you click on “view deal”, you will be redirected to our partner‘s website, where you can book your ticket. This is also the place where you can add promotional codes. Unfortunately, in this case, the code “book 16” has already expired.

        We hope we could be of assistance.

        Your CheckMyBus Support

    6. Trying to book a trip from Baton Rouge, LA to Lufkin, TX using promo code Book 16. Can’t figure out how to get rates and how to book trip on-line. Would be leaving Baton Rouge,LA on 04/16/2017.

      1. Dear Mind I Loret,

        Thank you for your inquiry.

        Please note, that CheckMyBus offers a price comparison service for bus trips. We therefore can only assist the users of our website with search-related inquiries directly on our website.

        We have good news, however, as Greyhound does indeed serve the Baton Rouge – Lufkin route, departing at 7:10pm: //

        Once you click on “view deal”, you will be redirected to our partner‘s website, where you can book your ticket. This is also the place where you can add promotional codes. Unfortunately, in this case, the code “book 16” has already expired.

        We hope we could be of assistance.

        Your CheckMyBus Support

      1. Dear Mitzi,

        Unfortunately, the bus company Greyhound does not offer any discounts for passengers with disabilities.

        Best regards,
        Your CheckMyBus-Support

      1. Dear Muhammad,

        a trip from Tracy, CA to Sacramento, CA is offered once per day by Greyhound Bus Lines. The bus departs at 12:50 PM. If you need further information – such as the exact location of the bus stops – you can click on the little “+”-sign to the left of the search results to check more data.

        Best regards,

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