Coach Industry Comeback! Digital Strategies and Success Stories: Part 3

Thursday, October 15 was Part 3 of the CheckMyBus x Busworld Academy webinar series, Coach Industry Comeback: Digital Strategies and Success Stories. This 75+ minute webinar featured four more inspiring success stories. Furthermore, these coach industry professionals are in the thick of the COVID crisis. However, they’ve learned to adapt and excel despite it.

Our speakers (in order) were.

Each speaker’s presentation is listed below. Click here to view the full webinar.

Grupo Flecha Amarilla’s Shift to Technology | Juan Pablo Martín, Grupo Flecha Amarilla

Juan Pablo Martin, Institutional Relations at Grupo Flecha Amarilla kicked off Part 3 of our webinar series with a fantastic presentation on GFA’s shift to technology during the COVID crisis. Firstly, Juan Pablo shows us a business intelligence tool which measures the revenue per kilometer. Moreover, this provides Grupo Flecha Amarilla valuable data to assist in opening or closing specific routes in their inventory.

Digitization: The Tool for Safety and Mobility | Rajanvir Singh Kapur, West Bengal Transport Corporation

Rajanvir Singh Kapur, Managing Director for West Bengal Transport Corporation, explains how their new app, Pathadisha, revolutionized public transport in Kolkata, India. Users can now make smart decisions on their bus travel around the city by accessing all bus information in real time. This digital strategy also factors in how crowded a specific bus is in order to maintain social distancing guidelines. All in all, Pathadisha has greatly improved the overall health of the bus industry inside Kolkata. 

Smart Capacity Management: A Case Study in Public Transport | Mike Van Horn, Betterez

Mike Van Horn, Senior VP Sales, Betterez, presents a case study on smart capacity management with the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), Bustang and All Aboard America! Holdings.  To begin with, Mike shows us how smart capacity management increases rider confidence which allows passengers to travel faster and safer. Furthermore, Betterez assisted CDOT in relaunching services with a flexible reservations model. In conclusion, this provided a steady week over week increase in ridership.

Digital Growth in an Already Digital Bus Company | Andres Osula, Turnit & Elvir Rascic, VuBus4You

Andres Osula, CEO, Turnit and Elvir Rascic, Business Manager, VuBus4You provide an in depth case study on the joint digital strategy partnership betwen VuBus4You and Turnit. Firstly, in 2007, VuBus4You already had 95% of sales online. However, thanks to partnering with Turnit in 2017, VuBus4You achieved growth and maturity of their digital platforms.  

Full Webinar Recording – Coach Industry Comeback: Digital Strategy and Success Stories Part 3

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