Coach Industry Comeback! Digital Strategies and Success Stories: Part 2

Coach Industry Comeback! Digital Strategies and Success Stories: Part 2

Wednesday, September 16, 2020 was Part 2 of the CheckMyBus x Busworld Academy webinar series, Coach Industry Comeback: Digital Strategies and Success Stories. This 75+ minute webinar featured four more inspiring success stories. These coach industry professionals are in the thick of the COVID crisis. However, they’ve learned to adapt and excel despite it.

Our speakers (in order) were.

Each speaker’s presentation is listed below. Click here to view the full webinar.

Expanding to the Last Mile | Paola Daddato,

Paola Daddato, Innovation and Digital Marketing Lead at kicked off Part 2 by walking us through’s decision to not only tackle but solve the “last mile problem” in airport transportation. Paola showed us how’s door2gate solution works and why fact driven decisions allowed them to understand exactly where and when to restart services post COVID-19 lockdown.

The Future of Intermodality | Paolo Beria, TRASPOL, Politecnico di Milano

Paolo Beria, Associate Professor of Transport Economics, TRASPOL, Politecnico di Milano takes us through a wide range of topics about the opportunities and threats of intermodality in the bus and coach market.

Accordingly, Paolo discusses six goals and strategies of embracing intermodality. These include enriching the product offered (such as last mile services), extending the network, increasing passengers, increasing turnover and profits, reducing production costs and finally to prevent competition. All in all, Paolo’s research will push you to think about how intermodality just might be a new business avenue for your bus company.

Turismo Civa’s Digital Transformation Journey: E-commerce | José Juan Cicca, Turismo Civa

José Juan Cicca, Commercial Director, Turismo Civa, takes us from start-to-finish of Turismo Civa’s e-commerce platform relaunch. Firstly, José Juan talks about why data collection was a main reason for bringing e-commerce in-house. Furthermore, he discusses how their research pushed them to focus on human-centered design. Ultimately, Civa’s new platform allowed them to increase ticket sales, web traffic, organic traffic and their overall conversion rate. This led to a huge win during the COVID downturn. 

MarinoBus vs COVID-19 | Walter Dabbicco and Marika Tota, MarinoBus

Walter Dabbicco, Marketing Director and Marika Tota, Customer Satisfaction, MarinoBus focus strongly on the marketing side of the equation. Together, they present some POP considerations after six months of pandemic emergency in Italy. MarinoBus were one of the first companies to relaunch services in Italy. Moreover, through a unique combination of videos, visuals and “doing the +1”, they reassured passengers it was safe to again travel with them.

Full Webinar Recording – Coach Industry Comeback: Digital Strategy and Success Stories Part 2

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