Coach Industry Comeback! Digital Strategies and Success Stories: Part 1

Coach Industry Comeback! Digital Strategies and Success Stories: Part 1

Wednesday, August 5th, 2020 saw the launch of the CheckMyBus x Busworld Academy webinar series, Coach Industry Comeback: Digital Strategies and Success Stories. This 75 minute webinar featured five inspiring success stories from coach industry professionals in the thick of the COVID crisis.

Our speakers (in order) were.

Each speaker’s presentation is listed below. Click here to view the full webinar.

Digitalization Along the Customer Journey | Marc Hoffman, CheckMyBus

Marc Hofmann, CEO of CheckMyBus kicks off the webinar by setting the stage for the customer journey in the Coach Industry. He provided a framework which includes important touch-points, such as demand, attractive offers, user experience, as well as loyalty and retention. This framework will be used throughout the webinar series.

Restarting a National Coach Network | John Boughton, National Express

John Boughton, Commercial Director at National Express details the process and lessons learned while restarting an entire national coach network brought to a halt during the COVID-19 crisis. John explains how the full shutdown during COVID allowed National Express to look at the entire organization as a whole. This would be unheard of during normal operations. In conclusion, the shutdown allowed them a fresh perspective on the business and brought on a data driven approach to change.

Dynamic Pricing: Value Creation Opportunities for Bus Players | Max-Alexander Borreck, Oliver Wyman

Max-Alexander Borreck, Principal at Oliver Wyman, provides a great overview on Dynamic Pricing and opportunities for operators in the bus and coach industry. Furthermore, Max’s insights show why dynamic pricing is important, and how to use it to increase revenue. Then, he spells out what are the first steps a company can take to see if dynamic pricing is a good fit.

Digtal Transformation: Mobility ADO’s Relaunch | Joel Cárdenas, Mobility ADO

Joel Cárdenas, Project Manager at Mobility ADO gives us great insights into the large scale digital transformation that has taken place at Mobility ADO, the leading bus player in Mexico. Accordingly, Joel takes us through an extremely large project. In summary, he provides a great overview on design thinking. This includes eCommerce in addition to archetypes and a larger explanation on the customer journey.

Overcoming Corona with Technology | Barak Sas, Zeelo

Barak Sas, Head of International Expansion at Zeelo takes us through Zeelo’s last few months, navigating the COVID-19 epidemic. He emphasizes how their focus on commuters and essential services has propelled Zeelo to growth during this downtime.

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