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Business DevelopmentIn a rapidly changing and expanding market, CheckMyBus is committed to sharing knowledge of the intercity bus sector with the global bus community. With developments, such as the shift to online booking, dynamic pricing, and digital transformation, the industry is constantly evolving. Furthermore, are able to use our position as the world’s largest meta-search engine for bus and coach travel to spot current trends in the industry and provide world class insights. Accordingly, you can find webinars hosted by Busworld Academy below in addition to charts and graphs about the bus market.

Bus Industry Webinars

We are always happy to share our platform with experts in the industry throughout the world to share insights, business practices, and success stories. Moreover, we’re proud of our latest partnership with Busworld Academy to host different webinar series. These will cover a range of topics. In brief, from digitization to adapting to changing market trends and environmental consciousness, our goal is to put some of the brightest minds in the transportation sector together to discuss, share and inspire their peers.

Busworld Webinar speakers_EN_200916 - Web
September 16, 2020 – 15:00 CEST
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Part 2

About: In summary, experts in the bus and coach industry discuss digital strategies and share their real world examples with the global bus community.


  • Paola Daddato, Innovation and Digital Marketing Lead, Flibco.com
  • Paolo Beria, Associate Professor of Transport Economics TRASPOL, Politecnico di Milano
  • José Juan Cicca, Commercial Director, Turismo Civa
  • Walter Dabbicco, Marketing Manager and Marika Tota, Customer Satisfaction, MarinoBus
Coach Industry Comeback Webinar Part 1
Aug. 5, 2020
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Part 1

About: In summary, experts in the bus and coach industry discuss digital strategies and share their real world examples with the global bus community.


  • Marc Hofmann, CEO, CheckMyBus
  • John Boughton. Commercial Director, National Express
  • Joel Cardenas, Digital Transformation Project Manager, Mobility ADO
  • Max-Alexander Borreck, Principal Transportation, Oliver Wyman
  • Barak Sas, Head of International Expansion, Zeelo

Bus Market Recovery

In March 2020, we began to observe drastic changes in user demand and ticket sales in the bus market due to the worldwide COVID-19 crisis.

In the weeks and months that followed, we compiled our data to give an outlook to the larger global bus community. Additionally, we regularly posted updates to our company LinkedIn page.

After several months of observing the data, we were able to draw some conclusion:

  • User demand will rise in countries with an improving COVID-19 situation (i.e. less cases) and user demand will fall in countries with a worsening COVID-19 situation (i.e. more cases).
  • Demand returns at a rapid rate once restrictions are lifted.
  • Ticket sales follow the same trend as user demand. However, sales are directly related to the supply of tickets that are available.

Below are several of the charts and graphs we put together outlining the impact on the bus market, and the subsequent bus market recovery.

We used the week of February 27 – March 4 as a benchmark for ‘normal’ bus market operations. Next, we compared this data to April 2 – April 8 which was the height of the COVID-19 epidemic in Europe, specifically and the beginning of outbreaks in LATM.

The week from April 2 – April 8 was used as a benchmark to show the increase or decrease on demand in weeks that followed.

Bus Market Recovery

User Demand: April 16-22, 2020

April 16-22, 2020

Notes: As the COVID-19 situation began to slowly improve in Europe, many countries saw a slight uptick in user demand when compared to April 2-8. Note: This initial graph did not include a trend for ticket sales.

User Demand: May 7-13, 2020

May 7-13, 2020

Notes: The trend we saw in April continued into May, as we saw an increased decline in LATM countries (Mexico, Brazil, Chile). In contrast, European countries continued to see demand increases and a trend for increased ticket sales.

User Demand: May 28-June 3, 2020

May 28-June 3, 2020

Notes: This update saw a massive climb in user demand in places like Italy, with a 300% increase. At this time COVID was rapidly improving compared to the hardest hit days during full lockdown.

User Demand: June 18-24, 2020

June 18-24, 2020

Notes: This was our last published update. The correlation between user demand for bus travel and improving COVID-19 situation was clear. LATM countries saw a decline while European countries demand was still on the rise.

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