Dos and Don’ts: 5 ½ Tips to Avoid Being the Weird Person on the Bus

The Dos and Don’ts: 5 ½ tips for not being the weird person on the busIn the popular Sitcom “How I Met Your Mother”, Ted Mosby comes up with the idea that there’s always one weird or crazy person on the bus. The person can earn this special name tag by acting in a way that annoys fellow travelers, such as talking too much or eating particularly stinky food. We have five (and a half) easy-to-follow tips for you to avoid being the weird person on the bus.

The Dos and Don’ts of riding a bus

It doesn’t matter whether you travel long distance or whether you’re just taking the bus to the library – always try to put yourself in the shoes of the other people on the bus and ask yourself the question: Would it annoy me?

1. Don’t “manspread”!

1. Don’t “manspread”!If even the Oxford English Dictionary decided to dedicate an entry to the word “manspreading”, it must be a thing, right? The term describes passengers – in many cases men – who sit with their legs wide apart, occupying more than one seat. If the bus is empty, that’s fine obviously. If the trip is fully booked, however, the person sitting next to you will thank you for only taking up the space that you really need.

2. Silence is golden

2. Silence is goldenYour cat might have given birth to kittens or your upstairs neighbor is having a juicy affair – no matter what goes on in your life, the other people on the bus are most likely not too curious about it. This also accounts for talking on the phone: if it’s absolutely necessary for you to discuss the latest episode of “The Bachelor” with your BFF, at least try to keep it down… or simply refer to texting!

3. Sit straight!

3. Sit straight!We’ve all been there: you don’t have a lot of space on the bus and the person in front of you decides to go for a nap and fully reclines his or her seat. This behavior can result in bruised knees and anger management issues. So, don’t be that person yourself! If you figure that the person behind you can still sit comfortably when you recline your seat, simply ask for permission first.

4. All we need is a little patience…

4. All we need is a little patience…In a perfect world, everyone would always form an orderly line. In the real world, however, this isn’t always the case: when it comes to securing the best seat on the bus, passengers might fight over it like ravenous shoppers at a Black Friday sale. Again: don’t be that person! Don’t use your elbows to get on the bus first but show a little courtesy and patience. If there are elderly people around you, ask whether they need help getting on. There’s your good deed for the day!

5. We all love a good chili-dog – but not on the bus!

5. We all love a good chili-dog – but not on the bus!Food is a beautiful thing, and many of us love chili-dogs, onion rings, tuna fish, and Chinese food. This love can quickly turn to hate on the bus, however. Think about the people around you and that the smell of your food will easily fill out the whole vehicle. We recommend taking some fruit: it usually doesn’t smell and it’s good for you! Win-win-situation!

Last but not least: the easiest rule to follow, brought to you by How I Met Your Mother’s Ted Mosby: If you can’t spot the weird person on the bus, then it’s most likely you. ?

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