Frequently Asked Questions about the Bus (FAQ)


Here, you will find the most frequently asked questions about the bus from CheckMyBus users.

Thanks to the well-established bus routes across America and the efforts of numerous companies, such as Greyhound, megabus and FlixBus, bus travel has been made a lot easier than before. Apart from the low price tickets, traveling by bus offers you advantages, such as extra luggage  compared to flights or rail, free and fast Wi-Fi on board as well as XXL legroom with reclining seats. Simply enjoy a cheap and comfortable bus trip!

In addition, this extensive coverage has allowed for very cheap ticket prices and a large number of destinations to visit by bus.

Likewise, buses offer many services and advantages compared to alternatives, such as rail, flights or ride-sharing.

However, there are many travelers who still have certain questions when traveling by bus.

Here you will have all the information regarding your trip: from buying tickets and cancelling tickets to traveling with pets on the bus.

Simply click on the topic that interests you to find the answer:

Table of Contents

Buying, changing and cancelling tickets

Luggage, sports equipment and pets

Stations, stops and bus schedules

Students, seniors and large families

Children and people with special needs

Onboard services


Buying, changing and cancelling tickets

As you may know, there are fewer luggage limitations for buses. Amenities, such as Wi-Fi, reclining seats or extra space for legroom make the bus a comfortable travel option.

Undoubtedly, many of the frequently asked questions from CheckMyBus travelers are related to tickets, travel conditions and discounts on buses in the USA.

Within each of the following topics you will find a list with the most frequently asked questions by bus travelers.

1. How can I find bus tickets with CheckMyBus?

CheckMyBus is an online bus search engine that shows you the best deals for your trip with a single click.

We also show you the departure and arrival station as well as the route and changes (if any). We even show you a map where you can easily locate your bus.

Once you have found the best deal for your trip, just click on View Deal.

From there, you will be redirected to our partner’s page where you will buy your tickets.

*Another frequently asked question from our travelers is whether to book the ticket far in advance.

Our advice is to book as soon as possible to take advantage of discounts and promotions of different companies.

2. Do I purchase the ticket directly on CheckMyBus?

No. CheckMyBus is just a price comparison site where we show you the best deals and bus routes.

The purchase of your ticket must be done directly on the website of our partner. CheckMyBus also does not operate any type of bus line.

3. How can I pay for a bus ticket online?

The type of online payment available will depend on the bus company you are traveling with.

Normally, payment methods, such as credit or debit cards, are accepted by all companies. There are also other payment options, such as PayPal or American Express.

Due to COVID-19, many intercity bus-lines have updated their payment systems.

Therefore, we recommend you visit our company pages where you can find the online payment methods accepted by each company.

4. Can I make changes to my ticket?

Most bus companies allow you to make changes to the date and time of your tickets.

Generally, bus companies offer changes up to two hours before departure.

In case you make a last-minute change, you’ll likely need to pay an added fee to update your booking.

5. How do I cancel a ticket?

One of the most frequent questions customers ask is how to cancel their bus ticket.

To cancel your tickets, you must contact your bus operator through the company’s website or call their telephone number.

As an alternative, we recommend trying different social media channels (i.e. Facebook or Instagram) to request a refund.

Note: Ticket cancellation cannot be done with CheckMyBus. You will have to contact the bus company directly.

Luggage, sports equipment and pets

1. How much luggage can I take on the bus?

In general, storing suitcases up to a maximum of 50 pounds is free of charge.

On the other hand, if you exceed the limit, it is possible that the bus company will still allow you to store your luggage for an extra fee.

Hand luggage must be stored in the overhead compartment and should not be registered as having dangerous goods.

For more questions or concerns you may have about luggage, we suggest you contact the bus company directly.

2. Can bicycles, surfboards and skis be transported?

Bringing bicycles, surfboards and skis typically costs an added fee.

Regarding sports equipment, it must be properly packaged so as not to damage the luggage of other travelers.

For international trips, this type of luggage is not usually accepted (consult the company for more information).

3. What do I  do if my luggage is lost or damaged?

As soon as you arrive at your destination, we recommend that you fill a lost luggage form.

If the bus company does not have one, you can also contact them directly through a support form, email, telephone or social media channels.

*Important* Do not forget to have your ticket at hand or the billing receipt if applicable.

4. How can I bring my pet on the bus?

For most bus companies, the transport of pets is prohibited with the exception of guide dogs, in the cabin where passengers travel.

If you travel on a domestic route, animals may be allowed to travel below the cabin as long as they’re in an approved carrier.

Only one animal is allowed per coach and normally an extra fee must be paid. On international routes, it is typically forbidden to travel with animals.

Stations, stops, schedules and delays

1. Where does my bus leave from and how do I find my stop?

When you search for your route with CheckMyBus, our search engine will show you both the stops and stations of your trip, as well as the bus company.

After finding the connection you want, on the left you can customize your search by selecting the arrival and departure dates, company, price, and we will also show you if the bus is direct or has changes.

2. How early do I have to be to catch the bus?

In general, as long as you already have the ticket and you know where the stop or station is, it is usually enough to be there 10 – 15 minutes in advance. However, there are some special cases, such as international trips, where bus companies recommend showing up at the station 20 – 30 minutes before the bus departs.

Discounts for students, pensioners and group trips

1. What kind of discounts are available for students?

Among the different topics and frequently asked questions from our travelers, one of the most popular is above all related to discounts.

Discounts for students and/or youth vary completely from company to company. Some companies offer discounts for certain routes.

Due to the large number of offers, it is best to check with the company before buying tickets.

2. Are there offers for senior citizens?

As in the case of students, discounts for seniors also depend on the bus company.

Likewise, we recommend that you check the company and its promotions before buying the bus ticket.

3. Are there special rates for groups?

In many of the companies you can find special rates for groups that usually have up to 30% discount on the normal price of tickets.

However, if you plan to travel in larger groups of between 20 and 30 people, we recommend renting a bus directly.

Not only in terms of price, but rental buses offer many other services and benefits compared to regular bus lines.

*CheckMyBus Tip* You can find more info on the bus deals and discounts page.

Children and people with special needs

1. Can minors travel without an adult?

Children under 4 years of age may not travel without the company of an adult on national routes.

There are, however, some companies that offer the possibility that the minor can travel with the authorization of a legal guardian.

Therefore, we recommend you contact the company directly to confirm this information. For international travel, passengers generally cannot travel alone until they are 16 years old.

2. How can you travel with a baby on the bus?

In this sense, there is no longer a general regulation for small children or babies on buses.

Many companies offer advice and recommendations when taveling with babies on the bus.

Since there are no legal regulations about the transport of small children or babies on buses, companies usually only offer advice and recommendations.

Different companies usually do not have baby seats or only provide one or two units per bus. So, it is advisable to travel with some type of seating where the baby can go as comfortable and safe as possible.

3. Can I ride the bus with my wheelchair?

Although many of the buses are adapted for people with mobility limitations, it is necessary to contact the company to check and confirm if they have such vehicles equipped with a lifting platform and seat anchors for the selected route.

Each company will provide more information through its telephone service or website.

Other frequently asked questions: Services and benefits

1. What services and benefits do the buses offer?

Despite their differences, all bus companies have something in common and that is that they seek to offer the greatest possible comfort on board. In most buses today, we find air conditioning, individual reading lamps and comfortable reclining seats.

The individual headphone jacks on each seat and television screens are present in many services, and allow you to watch movies or listen to the radio while traveling.

Free internet connection via Wi-Fi is something that, while not yet integrated in all vehicles, will not take long to arrive.

Many companies already have free Wi-Fi in a large number of services. Another great innovation is the implementation of individual plugs in each seat.

More and more companies offer special services that, due to a surcharge on the ticket price, offer greater benefits on board. For example catering, toilets, seats with extra leg room, and even multimedia centers in each seat.

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  • Nataliya Bellony

    Trailways lost my luggage. I can’t even call them a company. No professionalism, no competence, no rules, no responsibility, no organization. Such a shame!

    • cmbblogadmin

      Dear Nataliya,
      Thank you for your message and we are very sorry that you had this issue.
      Please, note that CheckMyBus is an intercity bus price comparison portal and doesn’t sell tickets or operate buses. When you click “view deal” on a bus route in our search engine, you are then redirected to the company’s webpage to make the booking and payment. Please, try to contact the company Trailways using this link.
      I hope this helps you.

      Best regards,
      CheckMyBus – Customer Service

  • Marisa Roberts

    My 15 year old wants to travel from Las Cruces, NM to Moreno Valley, CA. What does she need in order to ride the bus? Does she need to show proof of vaccination or have some type of ID?

    • cmbblogadmin

      Dear Marisa,

      Thank you for your message. Please note that CheckMyBus is an intercity bus price comparison portal and doesn’t sell tickets or operate buses. Generally, she either needs to have her ticket printed out or visible on her phone to be able to board the bus, and sometimes she also needs to have an ID. To really make sure she has all the necessary documents, we recommend getting in touch with the bus company.

      Best regards,
      Your CheckMyBus Support Team

  • Giselle Mondragon

    Do I need a passport to cross the Mexico border with the greyhound or is my birth certificate and ID okay to get on the bus?

    • cmbblogadmin

      Hi Giselle,

      According to Greyhound, here are the requiriments:
      U.S. citizens:
      • Valid U.S. passport OR
      • Enhanced Drivers License OR
      • Other WHTI-Compliant ID (see full list(opens in a new tab) on the U.S. Customs and Border Protection website).
      Non-U.S. citizens:
      • Mexican citizens need a valid passport AND visa.
      • Foreign nationals need a valid passport AND visa (depending on country of citizenship).
      • A round trip ticket.
      • The address of where you’ll be staying.
      • An I94 form (which you’ll get from the immigration officer).
      Please, note that if you don’t have the correct documents for your trip, you won’t be allowed to board the bus because you would be denied entry at the border and would have to buy your own ticket back. So make sure you have everything you need before you board.
      If you have any further questions, please feel free to get in touch with us again.

      Best regards,
      Your CheckMyBus Support Team

  • Henny van den Brink

    I want to travel to Bergen Norway from the Netherlands in October. I can’t find tickets. Can you help me? I can leave on a Friday 15, saterday 16, Sunday 17, or Monday 18 of October. I want to start in Arnheim.
    Thank you for reading
    With kind regards Mrs. Henny van den Brink

    • cmbblogadmin

      Dear Kathy,

      Thank you for your message. Whether or not there are restrooms onboard the bus will depend on the bus provider you plan to travel with from St. George to Salt Lake City. FlixBus, for example, does have toilets onboard all of its buses. For more detailed information, we advise checking directly with the bus company you plan to book your trip with.

      Best regards,
      Your CheckMyBus Support Team

  • Bunyod

    Hello we want go to they Poland but we dont have viza we are not Serbian who can help us (omitted for privacy)

    We have working visa for Serbia

    • cmbblogadmin


      Thank you for getting in touch with us. Please note that CheckMyBus is an intercity bus price comparison portal and doesn’t sell bus tickets or operate buses. As for whether or not you are able to enter Poland without a Schengen Visa, we strongly suggest referring to travel advisories for more detailed information about this. Generally speaking though, when entering the Schengen Zone, you would need to have the correct travel Visa when entering.

      Best regards,
      Your CheckMyBus Support Team

  • Uncertain

    There are no interpretations nor explanations on your site for the picture icons listed under each bus route option…. What do they mean???!

    • CheckMyBus-Support


      Thank you for your message. The icons displayed under each bus route represent the different amenities offered by the bus company providing the connection. On the desktop version, you can hover over each icon to see a text which amenities each represents. However, we are currently working on our mobile versions to make this clearer for our users. Thank you again for your input.

      Best regards,
      Your CheckMyBus Support Team

  • Francois

    I have an extra luggage of 50 pounds/23kg that i need to take along ontop of my other 50 pound bag, how do i arange to take it along beforehand?

    • CheckMyBus-Support

      Dear Francois,

      Thank you for your message. When bringing extra luggage such as this, we strongly suggest getting directly in touch with the bus provider you plan to travel with prior to your trip. Different bus companies have varying policies when it comes to bringing extra luggage which usually involves paying an extra fee.

      Best regards,
      Your CheckMyBus Support Team

  • Cassie

    I swear! I’m either absolutely confused or I’m just DUMB! I’ve only had random ass luck when it comes to actually getting fairs to show up when I search for them. I don’t have a bus station my town anymore, Plattsburgh New York, so I’m literally just typing in random Town names when I’m not using your list. So I’m just trying to get as close as possible to Plattsburgh so my brother and we can take our trip to Wheeling West Virginia. I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHAT I’M DOING WRONG! Can you please PLEASE help me figure out what the hell is going on so I can finally be done. August 23 – 27. Plattsburgh New York to Wheeling West Virginia …. I don’t care what times. I just want the damn tickets lmao

    • CheckMyBus-Support

      Dear Cassie,

      Thank you for your message. Unfortunately the bus route from Plattsburgh, New York to Wheeling, West Virginia is currently not available in our system. Unfortunately, due to the current situation, many bus companies have suspended or cancelled routes for the time being. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope that you can find everything you’re looking for next time you search.

      Best regards,
      Your CheckMyBus Support Team

  • Ben

    I am trying to travel between Seattle, WA and Vancouver, BC on August 21. Do you know if there are any plans for any companies to resume bus service across the US-Canada border after the border reopens on August 9?

    • CheckMyBus-Support

      Dear Ben,

      Thank you for your message. While companies will generally plan to resume their cross-border services once the border reopens in August, please keep in mind that some companies may take some time to finalize their schedules. Unfortunately, at the moment there are no direct connections available in our system for this route, however this may change after the opening date.

      Best regards,
      Your CheckMyBus Support Team

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