Common bus travel questions

Bus Travel-FAQThanks to the well-established bus routes across America and the efforts of numerous companies, such as Greyhound, megabus and Trailways, bus travel has been made a lot easier than before. Apart from the low price tickets, traveling by bus offers you advantages of taking extra luggage as compared to air or rail, free and fast Wi-Fi on board as well as XXL legroom with reclining seats. Simply enjoy a cheap and comfortable bus trip!

You have any specific questions about traveling by bus in the US? Here is a detailed list of categories that contain answers to the most frequently asked questions:

A. Booking, Changing the Date and Cancelation

B. Luggage, Bike and Pets

C. Departure and Delay

D. Children and Students Discounts

E. Senior Passengers and Passengers with Disabilities

F. Amenities on Board

A. Booking, Changing the Date and Cancelation

1. How do I use CheckMyBus to book a bus ticket in the US?

CheckMyBus allows you to see bus routes and find a cheap ticket. Simply type in your location and destination city, then compare different deals offered by major US bus companies such as BoltBus, Greyhound and megabus. By clicking “+” you will see all the bus station information, bus route maps and available amenities on board. You will be forwarded to the bus company’s home page to effect the payment and receive your bus ticket after clicking “View Deal”.

On CheckMyBus you can also find the popular bus routes and top 10 destinations in and outside the US, which give you more ideas about selecting your bus connection.

2. Where can I buy a ticket?

In the US, you can buy a bus ticket in various ways. Online booking is, however, highly recommendable. Almost all the bus companies provide an online booking service. For example, you can simply type in your location and the destination city in the search engine of CheckMyBus to book a ticket online from Jefferson Lines or Trailways.
In the meantime, you can also buy tickets at the local ticket offices, bus terminals and even in 7-11 stores, if you buy tickets from Greyhound for instance. Nevertheless, the tickets are generally more expensive than when you book online.

3. Is the same price charged when booking online, at a ticket office or via telephone booking?

The prices for bus tickets might vary according to the booking process. For instance, some bus companies offer special deals that are available exclusively for online booking. For example, megabus provides bus trips starting at $1, which can only be booked on the internet. By using CheckMyBus, you will find the best priced bus connections offered by different bus companies, which is both time and cost efficient.

4. How can I make a payment?

For online booking, almost every US bus company offers online payment services. You can make a purchase with a valid credit card, including Visa, MasterCard and international credit cards. Unfortunately PayPal services are not available with the majority of companies. The only exception at the moment is Greyhound. After choosing your bus route at CheckMyBus you will be forwarded to your bus company’s secure payment page to close the deal.
Please be informed that some bus companies, such as Greyhound or Trailways require a valid photo ID or reservation number before you can pick up the ticket or board the bus.
Besides online payment, you can also buy tickets with cash at the local ticket offices, bus stations or bus stops from some of the providers.

5. Can I change the date or time of my ticket? Does it require any additional payment?

Of course. If you want to travel at a later time or date with the ticket you’ve purchased you can make some modifications to your reservation. However, most of the US bus companies will charge an additional fee. For example, at Peter Pan Bus the exchange fee is $20. But passengers have to make the changes at the ticket counter/agency 48h prior to departure in cash only. In addition, the original ticket must be presented as well. By contrast, Greyhound and many other companies offer online change of reservation services.

6. Can I cancel the booking and get a refund?

Most of the US bus companies do not accept cancellation of the ticket or offer refund. However, Greyhound has both refundable and non-refundable tickets. Passengers should pay attention to the difference when booking a ticket. Companies like TripperBus and megabus on the contrary, do not provide refund. But you still can change your ticket for a later date or time to travel. In addition, you can check your bus company’s terms & conditions to confirm if your ticket is refundable.

7. Can I get a new ticket if I lost mine?

Tickets are very important to board the bus. Please note that if your ticket bought from a ticket office or at a bus station is lost or stolen, most of the times you’re required to buy a new one. However, if you delete your E-ticket by mistake and still know your ticket number you should be able to request a new one, which is the case with megabus, for example.

8. How many types of tickets are there?

There is a wide range of ways of buying your bus ticket. For example, there are online tickets that you can choose to pick up at the terminal/agency counter or you can choose to print out at home. In addition, you are able to purchase tickets at a bus station, airport counter, from a bus driver or even in a partnered 7-11 store.
Some tickets, such as the ones of megabus have a reservation number on them, which is essential to get aboard. Other companies, like Trailways, may require you to present your valid photo ID along with the boarding pass before departure.
Even though the single function of a ticket is to get you on board a bus, there might be different requirements. So please make sure that you bring all the necessary documents for boarding the bus, in order to have a trouble-free bus trip.

9. Where can I find special offers or discounts?

Most of the discounts are available when you book a bus ticket online. BoltBus and megabus, for instance, are noted for offering cheap bus trips, thanks to their $1 tickets. Greyhound promotes online fares to encourage online booking. Besides, it also offers discounts to students, veterans and seniors if they have a membership. On top of that, passengers can also frequently find online promo codes and coupons for most of the US bus companies.
You can use CheckMyBus to find out all the coupon and discount information from the various bus companies, resulting in extra convenience for your booking.

B. Luggage, Bikes and Pets

1. How much luggage can I take with me?
All the US bus companies offer free of charge luggage services for passengers. Generally, one medium sized suitcase in the compartment and a small handbag under the seat in front of you or above in the rack is allowed. If your luggage exceeds the maximum capacity, an excess fee will be charged. In general, most of the bus companies accept one suitcase no more than 62 inches (length + width + height) and 50 lbs plus one handbag that is less than 25 lbs. However, you can purchase in advance extra space for your luggage from your bus provider.

2. Can I take a bike with me?

Unfortunately, due to the limited space on a bus, bicycles are not always permitted on board. However, Greyhound and YO!Bus allow you to take one if you can keep it folded and wrapped in a cover or contained in a protection case.

3. Can I take my pet on board with me?

Please note that animals of any kind are generally forbidden to be taken on board with you. The only exception is assistance dogs for passengers with disabilities.

4. What should I do if I lost something on the bus?

We kindly suggest you be careful with your personal belongings on and off board. However, bad luck can occur to anyone. If you happen to discover that you lost an item or your luggage on the bus or at the station, you can resort to the customer service hotline or e-mail of your bus company. Please have your ticket number at hand when calling. You can also make an inquiry at the bus station offices or info desks. However, please be aware that it is your responsibility as a passenger to look out for your luggage. Most of the US bus companies are not liable for lost luggage.
Recommendation: Passengers should always tie a name tag around their personal luggage before travel to reduce the risk that it might be taken by mistake. Secondly, insurance can be purchased in advance to reduce possible damage to the minimum. However, valuable items like jewellery and money are not insured.

5. What if my luggage is lost or damaged?

It is recommendable for you to carefully lock your luggage and put a label tag that includes your name, address and contact number around it before departure.
Most of the US bus companies are only liable for checked luggage (NOT including overweight or unchecked luggage) up to a maximum of $250 per adult ticket and $125 per child ticket. Only clothing and toiletry are to be among the items in your checked luggage. Items of value and cash will not be insured for any amount. Except for that, you can purchase insurance up to $1000 for your luggage.
For lost and damaged luggage, you have to file the claim promptly at the bus terminal, or else the bus companies might not be held responsible for it.

C. Departure and Delay

1. Where does my bus depart?

Detailed bus station information will be provided when you compare the bus connections on CheckMyBus. You will know about the bus schedules, precise address info of your bus stop alongside a route map in assistance. Again, you will find the same information on your bus ticket.For instance, when you depart from the biggest bus terminal of New York: Port Authority, you can resort to the info point to consult from which platform your bus will depart. Besides, please make sure that you arrive at your station at least 1h before departure in order to board the bus on time.

2. When should I arrive at the bus station?

Please be informed that it is crucial to be punctual since a refund or new ticket is normally not available if you miss your scheduled bus. The check-in time differs among the bus companies. Some companies like RedCoach require customers to be at the departure point only 20min earlier. By contrast, Greyhound suggests passengers arrive at the bus terminal 1h prior to departure for luggage check-in and boarding. Therefore, please carefully check your bus company’s departure policy after booking a bus.

3. Can I get a refund or a new ticket if I miss the bus?

The rules are very strict among the US bus providers. It is your obligation as a customer to arrive at the station on time. If you happen to miss your scheduled bus, you need to book a new ticket and no refund or new ticket is available. However, you can modify the date or time prior to your departure based on specific situations.

4. What if the service is delayed or canceled?

Bus companies in the US make every effort to deliver prompt service at all times. However, a delay or cancellation of a bus service might occur due to complex traffic situations, such as traffic jams, accidents, or extreme weather conditions like a storms or tornados. Normally, if a bus schedule is canceled or changed due to severe weather, the bus companies will post a notice on their websites in advance and you can also resort to the customer hotline to be informed about the altered bus trip. However, getting a refund on a delayed service is generally not available.

D. Children and Students Discounts

1. Is my child allowed to travel alone by bus?

Yes, but the rules vary among the bus companies. For instance, some companies like Greyhound and Peter Pan Bus accept unaccompanied passengers between the age of 8 and 14 if the following conditions are met:

  • The ticket can only be bought at the bus terminal with standard adult walk-up fare.
  • The bus trip must be a direct connection between two stations. No bus transfers are allowed.
  • The bus trip duration cannot exceed 4-5 hours.
  • The bus trip must take place during the day.
  • The bus stations at both ends must be full service agencies or company operated facilities.
  • The bus terminals at both ends must be open from start till the end of the bus trip.
  • An Unaccompanied Child Form must be signed by a parent or legal custodian of the child with the information of contact person at the destination station attached.
  • The contact person must present valid ID with picture in order to pick up the child, or else the child will be sent to the custody of Child Protective Services or to local law enforcement officials in the destination city.
  • A fee can be charged for unaccompanied child travel.
  • Please do not forget to have your child’s photo ID with you as proof of age, or else your child might be refused to get aboard.
  • Please be informed that in certain U.S. States such as Illinois, children under 17 years of age are forbidden to buy tickets for bus transportation by law.
  • 2. Is there any discount for children?

    Yes. It is normally free of charge for a child under 2 years that is accompanied by an adult, however they are not guaranteed a seat. In addition to that, children from 2 to 11 will receive a discount in a range between 25 % and 40 % on a standard ticket. However, there can be exception: megabus, for instance, does not offer discount for children. Do not forget to have the photo ID of the child with you when purchasing at a ticket office or at departure.

    3. Can I bring a baby car seat with me on a bus?

    It is strongly recommendable that you bring a baby car seat that fits your child’s age and also the seat on board.

    4. Can I take a baby stroller on a bus?

    Yes, you are allowed to take a baby stroller with you in most of the cases as long as it can be folded and put inside the hold. It is normally free of charge.

    5. Is there a discount for students?

    A discount for passengers over 12 years of age is generally not available. Nevertheless, Greyhound offers Student Advantage membership for students to save cost. With $20 membership fee per year, students can enjoy 20% off the standard ticket price on each bus trip.

    E. Senior Passengers and Passengers with Disabilities

    1. Is there any discount for passengers over 62 years of age?

    A lot of bus companies in the US provide discounts for senior passengers. For instance, Greyhound, Jefferson Lines and Peter Pan Bus offer 5 % off on a standard walk-up ticket for passengers over 62 years. Please have an appropriate ID with you as proof of age.

    2. Is there any discount for passengers with disabilities?

    Unfortunately,there is usually no discount for passengers with disabilities.

    3. Can I take my wheel chair on board of a coach?

    Taking your mobility device, such as a wheel chair, is normally accepted by most of the US bus companies. However, you should book your ticket and inform your bus provider as early as possible in order for them to leave enough space for your wheel chair on board or in the luggage compartment. Besides, the mobility device should not exceed the maximum size set by your provider. In particular, if you travel with BestBus and many other services you’ll need to give them a notice 48h in advance in order to save extra space for your wheelchair on board.

    F. Amenities on Board

    What are major amenities on a bus?

    Service is very important during a bus journey due to the fact that it might take hours before reaching your desired destination. Therefore, the US bus companies are committed to delivering high quality service on board to guarantee an enjoyable bus trip. Normally a bus is equipped with a clean restroom, free Wi-Fi, power outlets, air-conditioning, reclining seat, XXL legroom and so forth. Let’s take a closer look at these services!

    Restroom and Toilet
    Clean restrooms can be found on every bus in general. Besides, for long distance or overnight bus trips they will make stops at service stations, too.

    Free Wi-Fi
    Free Wi-Fi is a must-have feature that you will find on most of the buses. Thanks to this feature you can save some money while enjoying fast internet access.

    Power Outlets
    Are you worried that your mobile device will run out of battery due to long hours of traveling by bus? Numerous buses like Greyhound and megabus are equipped with power outlets on board to keep your device 100% charged before your destination.

    No matter if you are traveling in summer or winter, most of the buses have air-conditioning on board, guaranteeing you a cozy temperature on board during your bus trip.

    Reclining Seat & XXL Legroom
    Most the buses are equipped with wide and soft reclining seats on board with extra legroom to make your bus trip as comfortable as possible. Some seats even have small tables to put your drinks or laptop on to.

    DVD Player and XM Radio
    You want to watch a movie or listen to radio during your bus trip even without your laptop at hand? Some buses like Jefferson Lines and Trailways offer DVD Players and XM Radios on board for entertainment.

    Above are the most frequent questions about bus travel regarding booking a ticket, departure times, the luggage policy, children and student discounts, passengers with disabilities and features on board. We sincerely hope we could answer all your questions and wish you a safe and fun journey!

    If you still have any further questions that are not listed above, please visit the CheckMyBus Support Page to leave an enquiry. Our support team will get back to you as soon as possible!

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    1. hallo.. i am eman from israel .. and i want to go from barcelona to lloret de mar in 31/3/2020 .. so i want to know where the station in barcelona and in lloret de mar and how much the ticket .. we are group 20 person..thank you

      1. Dear Eman,

        Thank you for your message. Bus connections from Barcelona to Lloret de Mar generally depart from Barcelona Airport Terminal 2 or Terminal 1 with prices starting from €13.15. Please note however that many bus companies only allow passengers to book two to three months in advance since this price may change by that time pending seasonality. If you have any further questions, please feel free to get in touch with us again.

        Best regards,
        Your CheckMyBus Support

    2. Trying to buy a round trip ticket from Fort Smith Ar to Camden Ar, leave on 10/30 and return on 11/01.
      Greyhound has no problem going from Ft Smith to Camden yet they can’t get from Camden to Ft Smith.
      I don’t understand.
      If they can go there, why can’t they return?
      Is there any way to leave Camden AR other than private vehicle?

      1. Dear Connie,

        Thank you for your message. Unfortunately, there aren’t direct bus connections between Fort Smith and Camden in our system at this time. Alternatively, you can travel from Fort Smith to Little Rock, then from Little Rock to Malvern, Arizona where you can travel to Camden by Taxi. You can also take this same route on the return trip. If you have any further questions, please feel free to get in touch with us again.

        Best regards,
        Your CheckMyBus Support

      1. Hi Andreas,

        Thank you for your message. Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be a direct bus connection from Carlisle to Boston. With which bus provider were you planning to travel with? You could travel from Carlisle, PA to Harrisburg, PA and then from Harrisburg you can travel to New York and from New York, you can get to Boston. If you have any further questions, please feel free to get in touch with us again.

        Best regards,
        Your CheckMyBus Support

    3. I’m looking to get a ticket for October but nothing seems to show up. What is normally the time frame to book as soon as possible?

      1. Dear Claudia,

        Thank you for your message. For which bus company are you trying to book your ticket for? Please note that many bus operators only allow bookings two to three months in advance. It could be too early to book, but you should be able to book for October next month.

        Best regards,
        Your CheckMyBus Support

    4. I am looking to buy a ticket from Merida Mexico.
      As ADO has multiple stations, with your ticket will I be able to leave from the last one on Calls 60 accross with Colon Ave.
      Is it normal that your price is lower than the ADO ticket office?
      Monic, Canada

      1. Dear Monic,

        Thank you for your message. We suggest referring to your ticket or contacting ADO directly to clarify the allotted drop off point in Merida. Booking tickets online is typically less expensive than booking at the ticket office and is the best way to find the cheapest deals. If you have any further questions, please feel free to get in touch with us again.

        Best regards,
        Your CheckMyBus Support

        1. Can I pay my ticket (Merida to Cancun, Mx) with credit card on line. If yes, Which currency I would be charge?
          Thank you, Monic

          1. Dear Monic,

            Thank you for your message. You should be able to pay for your trip with credit card or PayPal. If you have any issues regarding your payment, we suggest contacting the bus provider you’re trying to book with directly.

            Best regards,
            Your CheckMyBus Support

    5. I want to go for orlando from tampa and want back that same day time. I live in old memorial s.mobley rd. I will pay cash only. Kindly suggest me. Thank u

      1. Dear Gurwinder,

        Thank you for your message. From Tampa, there are buses which depart from the Greyhound Bus Station on East Polk Street as well as the Marion Transit Center on N Marion St. To either locations, you should be able to get there either via taxi or local transportation. You typically can pay with cash at the bus station, but when booking online, you can usually get a better deal. If you have any further questions, please feel free to get in touch with us again.

        Best regards,
        Your CheckMyBus Support

      1. Dear John,

        Thank you for your message. For which date did you find results for routes from Winnipeg to Calgary?

        Best regards,
        Your CheckMyBus Support

      1. Dear Jacqueline,

        Thank you for your message. You should always bring your passport and identification when travelling internationally. Many times, you will not be permitted to board the bus without one.

        Best regards,
        Your CheckMyBus Support

      1. Dear Don,

        Thank you for your message. Unfortunately, there are currently no direct bus connections between cities in Rhode Island, namely Providence, and Iowa City. You can travel from Providence to New York, NY and then from New York travel to Chicago, IL. From Chicago, you can travel directly to Iowa City, IA. If you have any further questions, please feel free to get in touch with us again.

        Best regards,
        Your CheckMyBus Support

    6. Hello
      I am looking for a bus from Bergamo airport on January 26 2019 to Madonna di Campiglio and back to airport on January 31 . I can see the bus options from airport but no options on January 31 to the airport. Can you please advise?

      1. Dear Marina,

        Thank you for your message. Unfortunately the return connection from Madonna di Campiglio to Bergamo airport is currently not available on January 31, like due to high demand. An alternative route you could take would be from Bozano to Brescia, and then from Brescia, you can take a direct connection to Bergamo Airport. You should be able to reach Bozen from Madonna di Campiglio by bus. If you have any further questions, then please feel free to get in touch with us again.

        Best regards,
        Your CheckMyBus Support

      1. Dear Heidi,

        Thank you for your message. Unfortunately, there aren’t currently any direct bus connections between Santa Barbara, CA and Salina, KS in our system. However, you can travel from Santa Barbara, CA to Los Angeles, CA for between $17 and $20. Then from Los Angeles, you can travel directly to Salina for about $211. Please note however that these prices vary depending on which day you’d like to travel and how far in advance you book your trip. If you have any further questions, please feel free to get in touch with us again.

        Best regards,
        Your CheckMyBus Support

    7. Dear Sir, Madam,
      I arrive at Barcelona El Prat on sunday october 7 at 21h30 and would like bustransport to Lloret De Mar
      On the time schedules i noticed that te last bustransfer towards Lloret De Mar leaves at Barcelona El Prat around 6 PM
      Is there any solution for me to reach my destination?

      With kind regards,

      Guy Cornelis

      1. Dear Guy,

        Thank you for your message. There are bus connections from Barcelona Airport to Blanes Central Station via Sagalés which depart at 22:15. From Blanes, you can take either local buses or a taxi to Lloret de Mar, which is just 16 minutes away. Unfortunately, this is quite close to your time of arrival and the next available bus wouldn’t depart until 5:30 in the morning. If you have any further questions, please feel free to get in touch with us again.

        Best regards,
        Your CheckMyBus Support

      1. Dear Tom,

        Thank you for your message. When you select on a connection on the CheckMyBus wepage, and click “view deal,” you are then redirected to the bus provider’s webpage to complete the payment and booking process. Typically, you can edit your trip here to include a return trip. Alternatively, the CheckMyBus mobile app allows you to book a return trip from the start. If you have any further questions, please feel free to get in touch with us again.

        Best regards,
        Your CheckMyBus Support

          1. Hi Lola,

            We at CheckMyBus are constantly working on updating our routes list, and Mexico is one of our main growth markets. But, as we have just recently started our market expansion in this area, we still don’t have all the offers integrated into our system. We hope that this will be resolved soon, and that you will be able to find and buy tickets for your destinations on CheckMyBus. In the meantime, we hope that you will continue to use our search engine for intercity bus connections in other locations.

            Best regards,
            Your CheckMyBus Support

    8. I wud like to have information if there is regular (public) bus service (1) from Evora to Faro and (2) between Castelo Branco and Monsanto in Portugal. If yes, please imform me of the time tables on weekdays for both routes and if the booking of ticket in advance can be possible.
      Thank you in advace.

      1. Dear Ken,

        Thank you for your message. Unfortunately, there are not any direct bus connections from Evora to Faro or from Castelo Branco to Monsanto in our system. You can alternatively travel via a carsharing service, like Blabla car. We apologise for the inconvenience and are always looking to add new bus content. We hope that next time you search, you will find everything you are looking for.

        Best regards,
        Your CheckMyBus Support

      1. Dear Tamara,

        Thank you for your message. Unfortunately, there are no direct bus connections to Rock Hill, SC, but you can travel from Worcester, MA to Charlotte, NC, and then from Charlotte, you can use local transportation, such as a taxi, to travel to Rock Hill. If you have any further questions, please feel free to get in touch with us again.

        Best regards,
        Your CheckMyBus Support

      1. Dear Regina,

        Thank you for your inquiry.
        Greyhound provides bus services from Rocky Mount, NC or Wilson, NC to Los Angeles or Anaheim, CA. Prices depend on date and utilization. You can easily find all available trips by using our search eninge: simply type in your point of departure and destination as well as your preferred day of travel. Then you can see current prices and compare.

        If you have further questions, please feel free to get in touch again.

        Best regards,
        Your CheckMyBus-Support

    9. Is there any bus lines that travel from Springfield MO area, or Moberly MO area to Fort
      Dodge, Iowa , Des Moines Iowa, or Carroll Iowa?

      1. Dear Linda,

        Greyhound has bus services from Springfield to Ames, IA or from Bolivar, MO to Des Moines, IA on Thursday and Sunday at 3:30pm and at 4:05pm.

        Just enter your desired travel date and you will be directed to our offer or click on the following link: //bit.ly/2pbxayE

        Please, bear in mind that all offers are subject to availability.

        Best regards,
        Your CheckMyBus Support

      1. Dear Yam Tiwari,

        The bus company Greyhound offers a daily connection from Concord NH to Pittsburg PA. The bus leaves at 3:10pm and arrives at 11:30am. You can find more details on this trip by using our search eninge. Simply type in your point of departure and arrival as well as your chosen date of travel and you will get full travel information.

        Best regards,
        Your CheckMyBus-Support

    10. Dear Greyh and try toound, I had just gotten on a bus in Hutchinson, Ks heading to Lincoln, Ne. There was a transfer in Salina scheduled to leave at 6:05pm. I took my ticket to the bus driver who brought me to Salina and He proceeds to look at my ticket and tells me that my bus is going to be late and will be there at 8:40pm. Actually the bus arrived at 7:30 pm and left at 8:10pm. Your bus driver gave me false information. I believed I had plenty of time to search net inside Mcdonalds. If he would have given me the correct info I would have been out side waiting. What do I do now?

      1. Dear Tristin,

        We are sorry to hear you encountered issues with your Greyhound trip.

        However, please, note that CheckMyBus is a search engine which offers a price comparison service and we therefore have no access to any specific bookings.

        We would suggest getting in touch with the Greyhound Customer Service: 1-800-231-2222

        Best regards,
        Your CheckMyBus Support

          1. Dear Margaret,

            Greyhound offers two connections per day between Lexington, KY and Mobile, AL. The buses depart at 8:05am and 2:35pm. You can find the available connections including more information about departure times, station locations etc when using our search. If you can’t find any connections for a specific day, it might be the case that they are already fully booked in which case we do not display them anymore.

            Best regards,
            Your CheckMyBus-Support

      1. Hello Joyce,

        good news: Greyhound operates daily connections from both Minneapolis and St Paul to Virginia, MN.

        Best regards
        Your CheckMyBus Support

      1. Dear Kendall,

        Greyhound has a bus route from Houston to Sacramento with up to 3 daily departures.

        Here is the link: //bit.ly/2bSwWau

        Best regards,

        Your CheckMyBus Support

      1. Dear John,

        Greyhound has a bus route from Vienna to St Louis. Prices start from $24. Feel free to search here: //www.checkmybus.com/st-louis-mo/vienna-il

        Best regards,

        Your CheckMyBus Support

    11. Hi

      We are a family of 7 adults and 1 child and would be arriving at Munich Airport on 8 September at 10 pm. We would like to transfer to Zell am See. Do you offer this service? What would be the charges?

      1. Dear Hassan,

        At the moment there are only train connections from Munich Airport to Zell Am See. The shortest, and cheapest, connection on September 8th is offered by Deutsche Bahn at 19 EUR per passenger but leaves before 10pm. Unfortunately there don’t seem to be connections from 10pm.

        More info here: //bit.ly/2aMnZ4o

        Best regards,

        Your CheckMyBus Support

      1. Dear Larry,

        There are daily departures from Dalton, GA to Macon, GA. That’s the closest to Rome and Perry we could find: //www.checkmybus.com/dalton-ga/macon-ga

        Best regards,

        Your CheckMyBus-Support

      1. Dear Race,

        Thank you for your inquiry. The nearest city we found in our system is: Harrison, AR.

        We can also provide help with the routes to and from the city if you let us know where you’ll be traveling from.

        Best regards,
        Your CheckMyBus-Support

    12. 1. Maribor – Prishtina (Kosovo)

      2. Prishtina – Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

      3. Sarajevo – Timisoara (Romania)

      4. Timisoara – Sofia (Bulgaria)

      5. Sofia – Skopje (Macedonia)

      6. Skopje – Zagreb (Croatia)

      Could you help me to list out the bus website respectively? Thanks again. I really need help.

      Another question: I am Malaysian who needs visa to enter Serbia. However, last time I transit in Belgrade airport and do not need visa. For the case of international bus line, if the bus pass through Serbia, I need a Serbian visa? (For example from Maribor to Pristina).

      1. Dear Jason,

        unfortunately, there are no direct bus connections available on your preferred routes. However, you can use our search function to check for destinations in the vicinity as well. You also have the option to check for carsharing offers on our website, of which there are many available for Eastern Europe.

        Regarding your question on the need to bring a visa, we would recommend you ask authorities on site to make sure that you have all the papers necessary for a successful trip.

        We hope you have a good trip!

        Best regards,
        Your CheckMyBus-Support

      1. Dear Deborah,

        We have good news : you can book tickets for your bus trip from Washington, D.C. to Rockford, IL with Greyhound Bus Lines. Follow this link and enter your date: //www.checkmybus.com/rockford-il/washington-dc

        Best regards,
        Your CheckMyBus-Support

    13. I would like to know if this bus goes to beeville Texas from fort worth Texas I need to ride Saturday April 30 2016 from fort worth to beeville Texas and come mack the next day going to Mcconnell Penitantary to visit 9-5 visiting hours

      1. Dear Darlene,

        unfortunately there is no direct connection from Fort Worth, Texas to Beeville, Texas. However you can take a bus from Dallas. If you take the bus at 7:00 am, you’re in Beeville at 3:15 pm. You can find all available buses with our search engine.

        Best regards
        Your CheckMyBus-Support

    14. We are planning to travel New Orleans to Montgomery October 5th and wondering what date bookings would open for that date? Cheers, Ian B. Australia.

      1. Dear Ian,

        good news for you: You can already book tickets for your bus trip from New Orleans to Montgomery with Greyhound Bus Lines. Tickets for the bus provider megabus, which also operates your connection of choice, will be available about six to eight weeks prior to the date of travel.

        Best regards,
        Your CheckMyBus-Support

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