Visit Frank Lloyd Wright’s most famous buildings

Visit Frank Lloyd Wright's most famous buildingsThis year marks the 150th birthday of Frank Lloyd Wright, the presumably most famous American architect. While many of his early buildings are predominantly located in the Chicago area, some of his more famous edifices can be found all over the US. Wright’s design, which is commonly referred to as organic architecture Continue reading

Hydrogen buses to debut at Tokyo 2020

toyota hydrogen bus
Toyota decided to bet on hydrogen as an alternative fuel some years ago. As the next big step in its strategy, the Japanese company will introduce a fleet of 100 fuel cell transportation vehicles in time for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The new buses, which are expected to become part of the City, were already launched earlier this year, with the aim of acclimatizing Tokyoites to their use. Continue reading

Passenger Rights on Intercity Buses

Passenger rights on intercity buses in America

Despite scoring a small victory in 2016 when a popular bus operator was ordered to indemnify many of its passengers with disabilities, passenger rights in the intercity bus sector in America find themselves in a legal gray area.

But how do passenger rights in the U.S. compare to the rest of the world, particularly Europe? Continue reading

The Rise of Luxury Bus Lines


In the 21st century the debate on which mode of transportation is the most modern and most convenient is up for grabs.

Regular bus operators, such as Greyhound, Peter Pan, and Megabus already have on-board features airplane passengers would dream of having – the almighty WiFi chief among them.

From extra legroom to power plugs, bus operators are aggressively trying to gain back the market they lost. But there is more. Continue reading

The World’s Weird and Wonderful Buses

Weird and Wonderful Buses
Intercity buses have long had a dubitable reputation among the American public. Quite unfairly, we might add, as they have become one of the most efficient modes of transportation in the 21st century.

Still, when most Americans think about buses, school trips or overcrowded public transportation might be the first thing that jumps to mind. If you look at the rest of the world, however, it’s a whole different story. Continue reading

How America can get rid of traffic once and for all

America has slowly turned into a never-ending traffic jam. The number of commuters has been rising steadily and now we spend over 9 billion hours stuck in traffic.

American transportation analysts, INRIX, estimates that Americans collectively wasted $300bn on traffic in 2016.

There is no slowing down, either, with both figures expected to keep rising over the next few years.

So, how can America get rid of its never-ending traffic jams? Read on to find out.
Continue reading

Bus travel with children

Bus travel with childrenTraveling by bus is one of the most affordable and eco-friendly ways of traveling but it can also be fairly time-consuming. If you’re a seasoned traveler, it won’t be too much of an issue but if you’re traveling with children, it’s a whole different story. We’ve put together a couple of tips that will make your journey much more pleasant! Continue reading